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April 25 - Game Over

Normally I don't say this, but the circumstances are different. I've quit playing EverQuest and have no intention of returning. So this site will not be updated any more. But I'll leave it up as a source of reference for anyone who wants it. Thanks for visiting.

April 3 - New quest

Added the Signet of Grisk and Pure Blood spell quests under the Guides/Quests menu. The ring quest is for good races. You can take the exact same steps for an evil race by looking for Fleshweaver T`Soma in Neriak. That ring is called Fleshweaver's Mark. Same stats and everything, just designed for evils. So if you have an evil toon, you can do the exact same steps, just go looking for T'Soma in Inkyland.

The Pure Blood spell is something every priest class must get, like, NOW. I've seen it in action and it's a fantastic cure-all.

A GM confirmed that the Qeynos badge quest is broken right at the beginning, when the Investigator is supposed to follow you around the city. So don't bother until after the patch.

April 2 - EQ comic

It appears /GU comics has shifted to World of Warcraft. Well, it was good while it lasted, although the strip was hit or miss at times. Now if you want to see a funny strip, especially if you're a druid, you gotta read WTF Comics. It's about a newbie wood elf druid named Annashi and an extremely patient Iksar warrior named Straha, who was friends with Anna's missing father. The two are trying to find him, while poor Straha has to repeatedly get Anna out of trouble. The strip is just hilarious, and this panel is my favorite:

For old time Dragon readers who remember SnarfQuest, this is about the closest I've seen to that old classic. Start from strip one and read forward.

April 1 - Late update

Took forever, I know. I've added the fifth Qeynos badge, the Badge of Nobility. It's not that hard, really, and if you have decent baking skills, it's relatively quick. It just looked more daunting than it was. BTW, be careful doing the Qeynos badge of honor, it appears to be totally broken. It was always buggy, now it's not even working at badge one.

I've posted this stuff around, but also will keep it here. First, a report from Fan Faire. Second, a report on the new Plane of Hate. No more second floor, it's all one huge zone with new textures and architecture. Finally, I found this great guide to the Plane of Sky. I may pinch it to keep it locally in case this guy goes down. With all due credit given, of course. :)

More pix:

Some genius decided to pull Trak to the bridge near this lair rather than charge him. You can guess the outcome.

Well, it's better than a flip/froggy/froak/warts reference.

While working on BoT keys, we engaged in a little Iraqi-style torture of the giants.

Yup, I want this guy in my guild.

March 3 - Just some pix

Not a lot going on, but plenty of pictures I felt like posting.

Imagine egressing in Butcherblock and finding THIS quartet.

Unclear on the concept.

Finally found something that hits harder than AoW.

I'm speechless...

I like collecting silly character names. Here's #1

Number 2

Number 3

Perfect timing.

February 13 - Check this out

From one mob in HoT, FOUR pieces. One for each class. First I've ever seen. Click on the other pictures below.

February 8 - Another clicker on Quellious

One of my oldest friends in the game, a cleric named Modim Stoneweaver, finally got his epic after more than a year's effort. I manned a warrior and was MA, and the battle was flawless. No deaths. I'm glad we were able to finally do this. In a rather amusing finale, no one cared to roll on the other loot, the Blazing armor. It's not even on the level of Thurgadin quest armor. Warning: pix are very large. I didn't shrink them.

Modim with dead Ragefire

Modim with epic




The new Froglok model, which is what player characters will resemble. Click to enlarge.



Today's silly name



February 4 - Back for more

Continuing my habit of pinching other people's work and making it readable, I grabbed an Excel spreadsheet of slowable mobs from The Shaman's Crucible. Hope I don't have too many pissed off Barbarians after me for this. :) Putting it in Excel seemed kinda pointless since people can't access it from a second comp (I'm always looking things up while on raids) and not everyone has Excel. No PoP info yet.

Antonica/Kunark Mobs

Velious Mobs

Luclin Mobs

Planes Mobs

I'm also looking at making a mez/unmezzable chart for enchanters. And now (*drum roll*), screen shots:

Ever seen a Froglok Shaman before? And I don't mean in Sebilis.

Saying hello to my buddy Lord Yelinak.

Another successful raid.