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Hunting and Killing for Experience and Profit

(mostly experience)

Levels 1-5

Your newbie zone, obviously. GFay is ridiculously overcrowded, but recently received a major upgrade, with new quest armor for low level characters. A better spot in the zone is near Felwithe. From the city, go west and south a little, until you reach the path leading to LFay and the Wizard portal. You won't find anyone here, but there are a lot of wasps, skeletons, bats and orc pawns.

If you can, get over to Kelethin. The newbie zone there is less crowded and you can kill more skeletons, which means bone chips for Gunlok Jure. You can also kill Krag chicks when you get up in levels and turn in their claws to the Paladin guild for more faction brownie points.

Without a doubt, Qeynos Hills is the lamest zone. There are dangerous wandering mobs like the wolves, and Holly Windstalker who will kill you for defending yourself, and then you gotta run to Qeynos to do anything. You may actually be better off hunting in Qeynos than Qeynos Hills, although why anyone would make a half-elf druid is beyond me.

Levels 6-10

Finally, some diversity of hunting.

Levels 10-19

Levels 20-30

Levels 31-40

Levels 41-48

Levels 49-54

At this level you get a new AoE spell, Lightning Blast. It does 477 dmg, vs the 184 from Lightning Strike. This changes everything. :)

Levels 55-

I have a separate quadding guide for level 55+ druids as well.

Any more suggestions? Email me.

Also, the Frontier Mountains has a cycle of three spawn spots with a variety of named mobs who drop some nice gear. The walkthru is here.