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High-End Quad Kiting Guide

This is for druids levels 52 and up. First, the checklist:

* Luminescent Staff if you can swing it. They have dropped in value like you wouldn't believe. I paid 20k for mine a year ago, now they run for 3-4k. They are unusable against the Toilers in Maiden's Eye because the Toilers are too fast, but against raptors and otters, it works. The trick to the Lumi is to run as far as you can, so you are well out of range, and keep procing it like mad (you have made a hot key for it, right?). That way it goes off when the mobs are at the very limit of its range. With its 10 second cast time, that should be enough.

* Mana gear. My favorites are from Fungus Grove -- the Shadel Bandit Ring, the Mushroom Veil and the Tattered Hide Cloak. On Quellious there is always an AE group going in FG and these drop a frequently, so their value has dropped.

* C3. There's always an enchanter selling C3 in the Nexus for donations. The donations are usually between 50 and 100pp. If you can't get that, ask a chanter for C2 PLUS Enlightenment and Gift of Insight. Just like Aegolism is a combination of the effects of Hero, Symbol and Shield of Words, KEI combines these three for mana regen, int/wis boost and an increase in your mana pool. So if a chanter can't do C3 get C2 plus the others, and pay them well for the hassle. Trust me, the other two WILL make a difference.

* PotC: If you can't do it, pay a druid who can. It's 1 hour, 40 minutes of shielding, HP and 6 mana regen per tick, and it stacks with C3.

* Spirit of the Eagle, or a buttload of bat wings for SoW and Levitate. Trust me, you want to spend the money on SoE when you hit 54. It's almost an hour of SoW and levitate instead of 25 minutes for SoW and levitate.

On to the show. Pick your poison:

[ Timorous Deep - Raptor Island ] [ Cobalt Scar - Othmir ] [ Maiden's Eye - Umbrous Toilers ]