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Cobalt Scar -- Otter Hunting

I grew up in Eastern Wastes, so to speak, perfecting my quadding skills on Ulthork. As a result, I was ally to the Othmir. Well, not any more. :)

Othmir Warrior spawn spots are marked with red dots. There will be shaman around plus some named.

There are three camps. Camp 1 has a few named Otters that don't seem to be good for anything, and a few Shaman. Never pull the shaman. You can't quad them, they will just stop to cast on you. Always pull the warriors.

Camp 2 is Chief Kalan's camp. He's their leader, is unsnareable, level 56 and hits unbelievably hard. I would love nothing more than to knock that stupid top hat off his head. But anyway... if you quadded Ulthork in your younger days, this is the guy you gave the tusks to. He's got the most warriors around him, plus a few shaman who haste and SoW the otters around them, plus 3 Othmir pups in the hut opposite Kalan's. They are all green and not worth killing unless you want the furs (more later).

Camp 3 has a merchant who will buy your stuff. He doesn't sell anything worthwhile. The most notable thing about this camp is there's a Shellfish Collector nearby, and he is easy to agro when your faction goes to hell. You'll end up rooting him and leaving him, since he's green.

Your spells should be:

I don't bother with Gate here because so long as you have SoE, just run for Skyshrine. If you train Kalan, shout a warning so other Otter hunters don't get a rude surprise.

Now, this used to be an easy place to quad. Way too easy. Sony decided to make us earn our experience and made things much harder. Most of it centers around Kalan. For starters, he will see invisible. Second, his agro radius is much higher. People quadding at camps one and three have reported agroing the chief. Lastly, Sony nerfed Harmony, so you need the the level 29 Harmony of Nature spell.

Now remember two things: Harmony of Nature can be resisted, it's not unresistable like Harmony used to be, and it's single-target, not AoE like Harmony used to be. Reports are mixed on whether the Chief can be harmonyed. Some say yes, some say no. It seems to depend on the level of the druid.

Because the bottom area is so hilly, your line of sight might be screwed up, or you could easily agro something else down there. So best thing to do is move up top and run in between the wyverns and the wyvern kiters.

That's about it, really. Camps 1 and 3 are real easy, and with Camp 2, with Harmony you will get four easy. You will only have druids to deal with, since wizards can't single pull the otters effectively. I've heard of really skilled wizards doing it but it's not easy. That said, there are usually a lot of druids here, from levels 56 on up, although they tend to leave around level 59. I wouldn't try these guys until at least 58, when you get Fist of Karana, but that's me.

At 60, the experience is negligible and most of the warriors are light blue, but for AA, you get between one and two percent (according to the new UI). There are better places, really. The beauty of farming otters is they drop Crustacean Shell armor, which can get you some plat or can be used to outfit a twink melee, and they drop quest gems. You can get quite a few gems from these guys, plus plat and gems to sell to vendors. Their furs sell for around 30pp in the Bazaar to players, since they can get their tailoring to 200 with Othmir fur. Among the quadding mobs, othmir are the most lucrative.

There is another camp in CS if you are level 60+ and loaded with gear, the Bulthars. They spawn directly under the zone to Skyshrine. You can get four of them and pull them up top. What I do is this: refresh SoE, run out over the water and snare them individually. Once up top, the Bulthars are an easy target, but be careful, you can lose them on other people and they hit hard, so don't train folks. If there is a Bulthar Herdleader, forget it, you can't snare that damn thing. Only pull four Bulthars.