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High-End Quad Kiting Guide

Now for the real fun for level 57+ druids. The red dots are spawn locations, the blue lines are regular paths.

Getting here alone is tricky. Coming out of the DSP zone, make sure you have SoE and invis yourself. Run straight east, going south of the undead house, where the four-arms and Xi Vius are found. Now, as you run along this building, there are booby traps in the ground, just like in The Gray, where when you run over the trigger a mob will spawn. The Vampire Bat is around level 55 but it won't see you. The Reanimated Drudge, which is also level 55 and undead, can see you. Some times you get lucky if you are moving fast and they won't see you or they don't agro in time before you get out of range.

I prefer to med up on the north wall behind the lake. It's marked clearly on the map above. There is a patrol path for one of the toilers but it won't come near you if you are far enough away. This is where I go to med and camp out, if needed.

Quadding in this zone is add city. You will have toilers on your case all the time, or possible drudges or wolves. If you do, root them and just leave them there. When you are done quadding, camp out and clear agro. I've left as many as three toilers behind while quadding.

That's assuming you are along. You rarely will be. If there's at least one more wizard or druid quadding, you will have plenty to kill but not enough to train you, and often times if I get an add I don't want, I send a tell to the other quadder offering them my add. Some times people go there with groups. They often set up shop directly south of the lake. I also offer them my adds, which they usually take. Root it near them and go on with your business.

This is one zone where you can't really map out the quad paths, due to the constant adds. In TD, CS or EW, it's easy. Geography dictates your path. Here, though, things are wide open and there are roamers everywhere. The ones that spawn to the north walk south and the ones that spawn to the south walk north. If they spawn to the east they walk west, and vice versa. The end result is you never quad the same way twice.

The safest spot, and usually I work my way there, is the area between the lake and the north wall, just below my med spot. When I have my four, I work my way there. That way I get as far from the spawn spots and roamers as possible.

Although the map doesn't show it, the region between the eastern wall of the undead house and the lake has a big hill bisecting it. Hills = bad for quadding. You can't see your target and often get surprised by a roamer. I stick to the right (east) side of the hill, near the lake. The left side is dangerous because it will have roamers and if you get too close to the wall, you will agro an Xi, which you don't want.

With KEI, I finish a quad with 33% mana left. Without KEI, I tend to finish OOM. These guys are tough, they run REAL fast and hit extremely hard. You want to have the following spells

You definitely need gate here. The zones are too far and you can't get to them quickly. The Toilers are great exp, around 2% of regular exp at 60 or 3-4% in AA. Their only valuable drop is the Centi Shortsword, which sells for around 500pp in the Bazaar.