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Timorous Deep Raptor Hunting

I want to apologize in advance for this crappy map, but it was the only one I could find on the Net. There was a better one years ago but I lost it.

Approach TD right up the middle between the two islands. These raptors have a ridiculous agro radius. Too close to the big island and you get that solo one facing Chess Island. Too close to the small island and you agro the other two.

The small island is extremely easy to handle. Grab some ground on the island north side next to the large island, as far away from the two in front as possible. Your spells should be:

If no SoE, then SoW and lev. I wait until the roamer that spawns on the far side of the island comes around. He will walk right up next to the one on the far left side of the front of the island, check out the waves, and walk away. Once he's gone, I pull the one by the ruined building first, then move out over the water and get the one by the shore. Then I run through the building at the Vicious Raptor, turn, and run back to the other two. Almost every time I will agro him and he charges. Timed right, I snare him right when he's with the other two, so they are bunched up.

Then comes the roamer. If you wait too long, or go too soon, he will be on the far side. Don't be fooled by the static raptor on the far side (lower right on the map). If you agro him then you have 5 raptors to deal with. If you do, root the add, snare it if you can, and when you are done, camp to clear agro. What I do is agro the roamer and run back to the other three, far from them of course, let him charge while they walk from snare. Timed right, you got all four together.

After that it's just a matter of rounding them up and running back and forth across the front of the island. I've never agroed the static one on the back side so he's pretty safe if you stick to the front side. This is the safest of the quads.

The large island is another matter. The way I've done it, and wizards and druids there usually do this too, is we split the island. One person takes both wanderers, the static that's close to the safe spot as marked, and the vicious on the southern part of the island. Then the other person gets the remaining Vicious and the three statics on the far side of the island. Some patience is involved here because you gotta wait for the roamers to come around. If you are careful, you can easily get one roamer, the static and the Vicious while waiting for the second roamer and never agro the other three. Keep your quads on the far side of the island, where the two roamers walk through, and avoid the Druid ring and you should be ok.

Raptors seem to have been upgraded. I left there at level 58 when they were mostly green except for the Vicious. At 60 I went back and saw they were all light blue, so they got a slight bump. Very rarely I'd get a dark blue Vicious. Dinus remains dark blue. Don't be surprised if wizards ask you to deal with Dinus, as his HP are insane and they can't root/rot like we do.