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Frontier Mountains named cycle

Almost everyone goes to FM for the giant fort and nothing more. But there's a cycle in FM that can be the best non-dungeon loot farming in the game. Use levitate or SoE to get through this because it's so hilly. A 50+ druid, especially with an epic, can do this whole cycle over and over solo. When you kill the mob at the spawn area, the next one will spawn immediately, so it will be at the top of your track listing.

Spawn spots:

1) SouthEast corner near Dreadlands zone, -2500,-2100. These are usually Goblin mobs.

2) SouthWest, directly west of spot 1. -3333,1200, west of Nurga and east of the Burning Woods zone. These are usually giants.

3) NorthWest, way north and slightly west of spot 2. 1800, 2800, near Droga. These are usually Burynai.

Spot One mobs and drops:

Blugtugin (Medicine totem, +5 wisdom, range slot)


Goblin Herbcollector (Goblin Juntah Harvester, 1HS, 8/31, svp 15)

Goblin Trailblazer (Goblin Trail Blazer's Knife. Piercing, 5/24 +4 sta)

Goblin Headhunter (Goblin Head-Spear, Piercing, 8/29, cha -10, svp +10, svd +10)

Goblin Dustscryer (Dustscryer's Crystal Ball. Int: +2 Mana: +30, range slot. All/all)


Spot Two mobs and drops:


Diseased Brute (Rotwood Club, 1HB, 4/20, effect: Disease Cloud)

Gromlok (Gromlok's Basher, 2HB, 30/85, +3 str. War, Shd)

Joojooga (Gauntlets of Brute Strength. AC 5, +8 str. War)

Krenlek (Skullhelm of Krenlek, AC: +6 Str: +5 Sta: +3. War, Pal, Rng, Brd, Shd)

Goblinstomper (Sarnak Hide Leggings. AC 4, +3 str, +3 sta, +3 dex, +3 agi. War, Rng, Pal, Shd, Rog, Mnk, Brd)

Overseer Miklek (Gem Encrusted Bracelet, AC: +1 Int: +6. Nec Enc Mag Wiz, Iks Gnm Dlf Erd Hlf Hum) (tough bastard, gives xp to level 60)


Spot Three mobs and drops:


Dustback (Dusty Breastplate, ac22, +5 sta, +20 hp)

Burynai Grand Cenobite (Belt of the Cenobite, 7 wis, clr only)

Burynai Treasure Seeker

Clazxiss (Windetched Staff, 1HB, 3/20, effect: Careless Lightning. Rng, Dru, Bst. Hlf, Elf, Hef, Hum.

Slithinis (Slithinis's Shield, AC: +10 Fire Resist: +15. Rng Shm Dru Clr Pal Shd Brd Rog War Bst)

Stonegrinder (Stone Thunder, 2HB, 10/34. Rng Shm Dru Clr Pal Shd Brd War Bst. Dwf Gnm Dlf Hlf Elf Hlf)

Eboneyes (Ebon Razor. 1HS, 9/25, Magic Resist: +4 Fire Resist: +4 Cold Resist: +4. Pal Shd Brd Rog War. Gnm Def Hfl Elf Hie Dwf)

If you have additions, please email me.