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Qeynos Badge of Nobility

You must have completed the first 4 Qeynos Badges to be able to continue with this quest. It starts with Sergeant Caelin in Jaggedpine, right outside the building with the bank and merchants. You must be amiable to him or you can't do this. If you are less than amiable (you're probably indifferent, the default faction for good/neutral races), go to the Darkpaw gnoll cave in the far north and kill gnolls and collect their teeth. Hand them in to Caelin, just like you do the BB gnoll teeth to Captain Tillin in South Qeynos.

You say, 'Hail, Sergeant Caelin'

Sergeant Caelin says 'Hail. You have nothing to fear from the gnolls. My men and I have been sent from Qeynos to help defend Fort Jaggedpine should those worthless curs make the mistake of assuming this will be a place of easy plunder. I've fought and slain scores of gnolls in my time. Were I not bound to my post here I would go forth and drive them from their dark cave to the north myself. However, I can offer you a [bounty], should you choose to take such a mission upon yourself.'

You say, 'what bounty'

Sergeant Caelin says 'If you choose to go and fight against the gnolls, I shall offer a bounty for every gnoll canine that you return to me. You look a bit more adventurous then many of those that live in this settlement. They seem a bit [docile].'

You say, 'who is docile'

Sergeant Caelin says 'Perhaps it comes from living in harmony with nature for an extended period of time but they are more concerned with trading food recipes and doing arts and crafts. I have offered to give them some basic training in the arts of war but they seem to have no interest. This is a dangerous world in which we live and failure to acknowledge that has meant the downfall of many a society. I won't let this happen on my watch, provided my [men] are on their toes.'

You say, 'What men'

Sergeant Caelin says 'Guard Bossamir is a model soldier and a good man. I'm happy to have him watching my back. That Finewine character however, he is not worth the cost of the sword he wields! All he does is whine and complain. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and his family enrolled him in the guard to teach him some discipline but I've had no luck with him. He hasn't even turned in a [shift report] for weeks. Captain Tillin will bust me down to private if I don't deliver those soon.'

You say, 'what shift report'

Sergeant Caelin says 'You have been helpful in our defense efforts. However, I can not be too careful about whom I trust with carrying this information. If you truly consider yourself an ally to Qeynos then no doubt you have assisted the city in its defense before. Show me your Qeynos Badge of Honor and I'll know I can trust you fully. I'll place my mark upon it should anyone question your authority to do this service for me.'

Hand him your Qeynos badge of Honor and you will receive "Marked Qeynos Badge of Honor" in return along with "A warning note/report" to give to Guard Finewine. Guard Finewine is to your right, close to the portal in/out.

'Hail, Guard Finewine'

Guard Finewine says 'Yeah. Hi. Lovely place this. Humid, dark, wild animals all over the place, man eating plants, snakes and bugs finding their way into my armor and biting me where a man ought not be bit. And if [Bossamir] is right, we're soon to be cut down by ravaging gnolls. Why-oh-why did I get assigned to this job? Why wasn't I assigned to Qeynos where a man can get a decent meal and sleep in a nice bed at night? Oh I'm sorry. Did I say that out loud?'

You say, 'Who is Bossamir'

Guard Finewine says 'Hmm. . . Yeah, I have this tendency to prattle on when I'm completely miserable. According to what my colleague Bossamir has heard, these gnolls may be tougher then we thought. But that would be par for the course anyway with the way my pitiful life is going. Woe is me. The people in this backward settlement hate me, Sergeant Caelin hates me and I assume Kane hates me too because he sent me to the armpit of Antonica on a suicide mission.'

Give him the Warning letter/note.

Guard Finewine says 'So he wants to send me to jail simply because I'm not filling out some silly reports? How can I be expected to think in such a decrepit state? Maybe you could help me. If I had a meal worthy of someone of my breeding then maybe I could think. Bring me something elegant, I don't want anything dull and pedestrian. I don't know what I want though. Do you have any suggestions?'

Guard Finewine wants some Dryad and Potameid pates first before he will part with the report. You need to make both.

Dryad, Potameid pates:
-Dryad and Potameid meat. Obviously you make the Dryad and Potameid meals separately. You can buy the meats in the Bazaar, or farm it. They don't drop meat every time. Dryads are easy to find. Look by trees for a red or white flame. Walk over it and the dryad will spawn. 
-Plant shoots (forged in JP)

Remember this is two meals. So it's dryad meat plus the other ingredients, then potameid meat plus ingredients. Combine in an oven or spit which will result in a +4 wisdom banquet meal for the dryad recipe and +4 intelligence banquet meal for the potameid recipe. Both are trivial at 151.

Finewine then says he wants panther pate and will give you a No drop brandy for the panther pate.

Panther pate:
-No drop panther liver from JP panthers. Uncommon drop, costs you faction with residents and critters of JP.
-Plant shoots (forged in JP)
-No drop brandy (you get this from Finewine)

Combine in an oven or spit. Trivial at 151. Hand him the panther pate and you'll receive the shift report. Hand the report to Caelin and you'll receive the Book of Reports. Now run to Qeynos and hand the book of reports to Captain Tillin, and he will in turn hand you back a new set of Orders. Head back to JP and hand the orders to Sergeant Caelin and you'll receive the Writ of Execution and a two Slot Container.


Now you must kill Barducks Darkpaw, a level 53 named gnoll, and then combine his head as well as the writ of execution in the container. This can be fun. He spawns deep in the Darkpaw gnoll caves to the far north. His spawn spot is marked below.



I worked my way in from the west and didn't rush. The more gnolls killed, the more faction. I had to kill him and his buddies first to give me the amiable faction. They are high green to light blue. Almost all are warriors, there's only a few casters. You can single pull all of the gnolls around him to isolate him. But Barducks isn't easy. He double hits for 254. Fortunately, he's not very MR and can be slowed, rooted, and dotted.


One thing though: when you kill him, a huge army spawns. You can try to kill them or evac out of the zone and let them wipe out the residential area. Be courteous and shout a warning to the zone that Barducks is being killed and the merchant area by the zone in is gonna get overwhelmed. We're talking about 30 gnolls, many light blue to level 60 players, so this attack won't be easy. Once the merchants and guards are wiped out, it takes an hour for them to respawn.


Combine Barducks' head and the writ of execution in the bag, then hand this container to Caelin along with your Marked Qeynos Badge of Honor and you'll receive the Qeynos Badge of Nobility.



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