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Planes (non-PoP)



Magic slowable (shaman, enchanter, bard)

Disease Slowable (Plague of Insects)


Air Bladestorms  
Air     Gorgalosk 
Air     Gwan
Air Heart Harpie    
Air Overseer of Air    
Air Protector of Sky     
Air Spiroc Guardian    
Air Thunder Princess    
Fear     Cazic Thule
Fear Dracoliche    
Fear Dread    
Fear     Enraged Golem
Fear Fright    
Fear   Terror  
Fear     A Tempest Reaver
Growth Ali the Elder     
Growth Fayl Everstrong    
Growth Keeper of the Glades    
Growth Treah Greenroot     
Growth Tunare**    
Hate Ashenbone Broodmaster    
Hate Ashenbone Drakes     
Hate Avatar of Abohorrence    
Hate   Coercer T' Vala  
Hate Grandmaster R'tal     
Hate High Priest of M'Kari     
Hate Innoruuk    
Hate Lord of Ire     
Hate   Lord of Loathing   
Hate Maestro of Rancor    
Hate Magi P'tasa    
Hate Mistress of Scorn    
Hate   Spite Golems  
Hate Deathrot Knight    
Mischief Bristlebane    
Mischief Ferjeneror    
Mischief     Lithiniath
Mischief My Right Hand    
Mischief Stomples     
Mischief White Stallion