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Qeynos Researcher Badge

This is the third in the Qeynos Badge Quest series. You must do the first and second badge before doing this one.

You say, 'Hail, Vegalys Keldrane'

Vegalys Keldrane says 'Greetings to you, citizen. By order of the Council of Qeynos I have been given the duty of apprehending the individuals [responsible] for unleashing this terrible plague upon the people and the lands of Antonius Bayle. The more I look into this matter, the more I come to find that this will be no easy task.

You say, 'I wish to further advance'

Vegalys Keldrane says 'Interested in advancing further are you? We have gathered a great deal of information as a result of the latest series of arrests. We do require [interrogators] that are able to pry the information we require out those less then willing to talk. Also, Velarte Selire at the Temple of Life is looking for help with his [research]. You may wish to talk with him.

At this part I thought that no new quest was added, but then I saw the second set of [ ]

You say, 'I will help with his research'

Vegalys Keldrane says 'Excellent! The more I learn from my investigators the more I find that these Bloodsabers have stretched their tendrils of influence all throughout our beloved city. Nevertheless, we are committed to exposing these fiends once and for all. Perhaps you would like to become an [investigator]?

This just leads back to the original quest. Instead of following that lead go seek out Velarte Selire. He is standing outside in the courtyard at the Temple of Life. He's not always standing there so you may have to wait.

You say, 'Hail, Velarte Selire'

Velarte Selire says 'Hello Galiana . Antonius Bayle and the council have ordered a full investigation of these folks that call themselves the Bloodsabers. I hear his plan is to eventually round up every member of this strange disease worshipping cult and bring them in to answer for their terrible crimes against our city and people. [Vegalys] Keldrane is heading up the investigation.

Nice little loop they got going eh? Try asking "What research"

You say, 'what research'

Velarte Selire says 'We are currently in the process of conducting research into viable ways to bring an end to this terrible plague. This suffering has gone on long enough. Being a researcher doesn't take strength or brute force, though those qualities do sometimes help. Being a researcher takes intelligence first and foremost. No offense, but not everyone has that quality. This will be no easy task. Are you still [interested] in helping us with our research?

You say, 'I am interested'

Velarte Selire says 'Still interested? Very well then Nandarr, you look rather intelligent. As a show of your commitment to this task, please turn in your
[Interrogator's Badge].

Give him your badge. He gives you a book that tells me how curing diseased rats with enchanted rats work (see bottom).

Velarte Selire says 'It seems Vegalys trusts you, so I guess I can trust you as well. Take this briefing. It explains the current state of our research and it explains the test you will be conducting. If you can conduct the test successfully, the Temple of Life shall be in your debt and we shall use the findings to continue our work. However, we have a [problem] we need assistance with first.

You say, 'what problem'

Velarte Selire says 'Unfortunately, those vile followers of the Plague Bringer are still attempting to foul up our plans. Several our [test animals] have been stolen from us by a gnome, a member of the Dark Reflection. These animals are very important to our research, as the briefing describes.

You say, 'what test animals'

Velarte Selire says 'These animals were enchanted with a sort of anti-disease aura. It sounds crazy but we thought that perhaps we could use a sort of 'anti-epidemic' to spread a cure to this disease. However, this aura is as of yet imperfect and also quite [volatile]. We had hoped to use rats to spread the cure, much in the same way they often spread disease.

You say, 'how volatile?'

Velarte Selire says 'Yes, the enchantment we placed on the rodents does not last long at all. It disperses its curing magic almost instantly. We fashioned several containers at great expense and they have the ability to preserve an enchantment for long periods of time. After enchanting a rat we [place them in the container] until we are ready to conduct our tests.

You say, 'place them in the container?'

Velarte Selire says 'Oh, I assure you it is completely humane and the rats do seem to enjoy prolonged exposure to the enchantment while in the container. In fact, it is all we can do to get them out of the containers once we put them in! In any case, those containers are dreadfully expensive to make and those rats. . . Well, we have begun to become sort of attached to them. Please find this [gnome].

You say, 'what gnome'

Velarte Selire says 'Her name is Oobnopterbevny Biddilets. She was last seen high tailing it across the Plains of Karana. She infiltrated our temple and stole the containers that had our beloved rodents, which were already enchanted and prepared for our next round of tests. I shudder to think of what this monster may be doing to those poor animals. Anyway, retrieve them at any cost. You will need them for the [test] you will be conducting.

You say, 'what test'

Velarte Selire says 'The briefing explains how the test is to be conducted but first you need to find the test animals. Get the rodents first from that gnome. Then give me your Researcher's Briefing and we will start the test. Release all three rodents as directed then give me the three Empty Enchanted Jars. If you were able to cure all of the diseased rodents by properly using our enchanted rodents, we will consider this test a success and you shall be rewarded with the Researchers Badge.

The Gnome we need to find wanders in West Karana. Thankfully, she can be found near the Qeynos Hills zone. Look to the south of the first guard tower. She conned light blue to me at 56. If Oobnopterbevny is up, she will shout 'What a lovely diseased filled place! Tra la la.' track her down and I recommend rooting her, then taking out the pet. It should go down in one Scoriae blast. She can take several blasts, so you might want to root/rot her instead.

Loot "Live enchanter jar" 1 thru 3 off her. These items are small so they will fit in your bags, then return to the Temple of Life.

Before turning in the book, read it. If you play in full screen mode you won't be able to read it by right-clicking, you have to hit F10 twice to get the old border back. Then you can read it. It will tell you how to solve the puzzle.

Give the book to Velarte Selire. A grid of rats will spawn. You have 6 Norrath hours, 18 minutes, to complete this test.

NOTE: READ the book first! Study it, you'll understand what's going on below better. Upon turning in the book rats will spawn behind you each on its own tile. Facing Velarte Selire the tiles look as follows:

E = enchanted rat
0 = empty slot
X= diseased rat
1 = healthy rat

1 x x 0
0 x x x
0 1 1 x
0 0 0 0

So in order to have a successful test you need to cure all rats. You have to hand in the jars, in consecutive order, to the empty squares. As you turn them in, they will cure diseased rats on both the X and Y axis. If you've ever played the board game Othello, this will be cake. So take your 3 enchanted rats and place them as follows:

1 x x E <---- FIRST
E x x x <--- THIRD
0 1 1 x
0 0 0 E <--- SECOND

"Dropping" a jar in a tile is just like handing something in to an NPC. (Make SURE your dropping it on the right tile) After all the rats are cured you should have "Empty enchanter jar 1 thru 3" these are also small items and will fit in your bags. You'll know you've been successful when all of the rats are healthy. Any remaining diseased rats means you blew it and you're going to have to start all over with this quest from badge one.

Now you can turn the 3 jars into Velarte Selire. After doing so he will despawn along with the rats.

Velarte Selire says 'You did it! You have proven you have the intelligence required and you may wear this Researcher's Badge with pride! Thank you for returning the jars.

Reward: Researchers Badge

Next Badge: Qeynos Badge of Honor