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Qeynos Interrogator's Badge

You must do the Investigator's Badge Quest before doing this one.

You say, 'Hail, Vegalys Keldrane'

Vegalys Keldrane says 'Greetings to you, citizen. By order of the Council of Qeynos I have been given the duty of apprehending the individuals [responsible] for unleashing this terrible plague upon the people and the lands of Antonius Bayle. The more I look into this matter, the more I come to find that this will be no easy task.

You say, 'How can I advance further?'

Vegalys Keldrane says 'Interested in advancing further are you? Excellent, we are ready to begin the next phase of our operation. We have gathered a great deal of information as a result of the latest series of arrests. What we require most now are [interrogators] that are able to pry the information we require out those less then willing to talk.

You say, 'What interrogators?'

Vegalys Keldrane says 'If you are interested in joining the ranks of our interrogators and helping Qeynos further as we bring these fiends and murderers to justice, turn in your investigator's Badge and I will give you the briefing document you need. I already know I can trust my investigator's, so there is no need to further test you.

Give him the Investigator's Badge.

Vegalys Keldrane says 'Very well, here is the briefing document. Please read it very carefully. I wish you luck friend, this mission could prove to be dangerous.

The document leads you to an interrogator. He is at -4320, -3524. That's on the far east of the zone and south. It's just a little to the north and east of the Hermit.

You say, 'Hail, an interrogator'. No response. So give him the book Vegalys gives you. He will yap a long time. All the stuff below is staggered, to give you time to read it.

an interrogator says 'I see you wish to become an interrogator. This is not a duty for the weak of heart you know. This job sometimes requires. .. an interrogator coughs, 'a little muscle I guess you would say.'

an interrogator says 'Nevertheless, we have an important job to do. There is a man by the name of Theodore Exanthem who is a known member of the Bloodsaber cult. He fled from Qeynos some time ago and we have been hot on his tail ever since.

an interrogator says 'We have tracked this man down and we now know his whereabouts. However, we have bigger fish to fry today then just this low life. Theodore knows the location of two other individuals also suspected of hiding out here in the plains.

an interrogator says 'Sadly, these fiends were the two that slipped into Surefall Glade and poisoned the waters there. Though the druids were able to quickly combine their efforts and neutralize the toxins with their magicks, grievous damage was done none the less. Two of the great protectors of the hills and the glade, Holly Windstalker and Cros Treewind, became seriously ill as did one of the glade's sacred bears.

an interrogator says 'Holly and Cros, sickened as they were, removed themselves from the Hills to weather out their illness and to keep the disease from spreading further. During their absence, the Bloodsabers were easily able to traffic in the materials needed to complete their terrible work.

an interrogator shakes his head sadly and says, 'Tragically, Cros Treewind was attacked by one of the sacred bears which was maddened by its illness. In his weakened state Cros was unable to defend himself and was killed by this defiled grizzly, one of the very creatures he was sworn to protect.'

an interrogator says 'So our goal is to pry the information we need from Theodore Exanthem so that we may bring these two fugitives to justice. After getting him to comply, you are to collect a confession from Theodore and have him lead us to the two fugitives. Give me Theodore's confession and the heads of these two fugitives and you shall have your badge.

an interrogator says 'I believe I know where we can find him. Follow me please.

Follow the interrogator. He will lead you to right outside the Hermit's cottage. He'll call out Theodore Exanthem.

an interrogator says 'Theodore Exanthem by order of the Council of Qeynos and his lordship Antonius Bayle, I order you to come out of there immediately!

Theodore comes out. This won't interfere with the Hermit, which is often camped, but if someone is killing him, tell them to hold off for a few minutes so you don't screw things up for both of you.

an interrogator says 'Theodore Exanthem, you will [take us to the location] of Marcus Cachexia and Morley Murrain immediately.'

Theodore Exanthem says 'I think you've been breathing the air in the Northern Plains of Karana for too long. I will most certainly not tell you anything about their whereabouts, much less lead you right to them. You are not right in the head.'

an interrogator says 'Vile beast! You are withholding information on two men guilty of terrible atrocities, not the least of which was causing the death of one of Qeynos' most respected and well known citizens, Cros Treewind! As an Interrogator I am authorized to use physical force if necessary.'

Theodore Exanthem says 'What a joke! I'm not telling you a thing. You don't look like you could scare a moss snake. I'm not afraid of you!'

Theodore Exanthem reels back, his eyes wide with shock. 'Ow,' he says nervously.

an interrogator says '[Take us to the location] of Markus Cachexia and Morley Murrain!'

You say, 'Take us to the location'

Theodore Exanthem winces and says, Oh. Yeah right. Like I'm afraid of that moron or something. Theodore glances nervously over at you.

an interrogator says 'Take us to Markus Chachexia and Morley Murrain this instant or I'll turn you over to my friend here who appears to be much stronger then I am!'

an interrogator smiles and says, 'Well, I'm getting tired. Why don't you hit him for a while. Maybe you will be more convincing then I have been.'

Put your weapon away and attack him empty-handed. Stop hitting him him after you've punched him once. It will say he died but he doesn't.

Theodore Exanthem says 'Sweet father of rot, alright already! Stop hitting me and tell me what you want me to do!'

Give him the unsigned confession document you got from the inspector in Qeynos. You get it back signed.

You say, 'Take us to the location'

Theodore Exanthem says 'Fine follow me creeps.'

At this point you follow the interrogator to the south to the abandoned druid ring. The culprits spawn along with some minions and wraiths. They are Morley Murrain and Markus Chachexia. Bring back their heads along with the signed confession. I killed them by rooting them and smacking the epic on them. Morley sent a spectre pet, called Ghoul, which died from one blast of Scoriae. Markus sends a skeleton pet. Root it. Once you get some DoTs on the two, kill the pets. They almost got me at 56, so they are a tough solo.
Loot the heads from the two culprits and give them and Theodore's confession to the interrogator.

an interrogator says 'Excellent work, you did just fine today. You'll make a fine interrogator. Talk to Vegalys about advancing further.

You receive your Interrogators Badge.

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