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Seventh Quest

Start out by showing your 6th shawl to Betti Frostweaver in the Thurgadin Exchange.

Betti Frostweaver says 'Spectacular artistry! I doubt I could have done better myself. You'll have to forgive me, I know time is short and I tend to carry on. This is the pattern for the making of a rune sacred to our people. It will be our final test of your craftsmanship and will put many of your skills to the test, but I trust you'll find the finished product to be more than worth the effort. Show Gilthan the silk shawl, he will set you on the path. May Brell always be with you outlander.

Now show your shawl to Gilthan Brittleblade.

Gilthan Brittleblade says 'So, you've been chosen to attempt the rune, eh? Been ages since anyone's even made an attempt. The rune represents the very essence of our people, our culture, and our religion. Take a sea shell runed with enduring breath and a small brick of velium and grind them together in a mortar and pestle. Add water to the powder and model the rune. Fire the rune with water and the best of firing sheets. Show the product to Trademaster Kroven.

Head off to Siren's Grotto and kill Sirens for hours until you get a Runed Sea Shell with 1 charge of Enduring Breath. Sorry didn't take a screen shot but it's not LORE or NO DROP.

Combine the Sea Shell and a small brick of velium in a Mortar and Pestle which you can buy from a rogue vendor. I have no idea what skill check this is but it was trivial to me. I'm assuming it was pottery.

Result: Enchanted velium powder: LORE Trivial at Pottery 188

Combine the powder and water in a pottery wheel.

Result: Unfired Rune: LORE Trivial at Pottery 188

Combine the rune a high quality firing sheet and water in a kiln.

Result: Blank rune: MAGIC LORE NO DROP
Trivial at Pottery 188

Now show the rune to Trademaster Kroven also in the Thurgadin Exchange.

Trademaster Kroven says 'Fine piece of work there, Adorean, especially fer an outlander. Now yer gunna need to make a burin to etch the rune with. Once that's done ye need to kneel in the chapel and recite this prayer with total sincerity in yer heart. If yer plea be heard by our Father Brell he'll bless ya with the knowledge necessary to carry on. With that knowledge you'll take the blank rune, the burin and a fletching kit to etch the rune. Show Grimthor the etched rune and he'll guide you from there.

He gives you a: Prayer to Brell: LORE NO DROP

You say, 'what burin'

Trademaster Kroven says 'You'll need a fletching kit and a fair bit of skill for this one, Adorean . Round up a tooth from a swordfish and attatch it to an Ulthork tusk wrapped in a Molkor hide.

Head to Siren's Grotto and get a swordfish tooth from the swordfish and a molkor hide from the molkors. You can also get ulthork tusks there but they're much easier to get in eastern wastes where you can kill the low level ulthorks for their tusks. The swordfish tooth is NO DROP which is the only item actually forcing you to go into SG.

Combine the tusk, swordfish tooth, and hide in a fletching kit.

Result: Burin: LORE NO DROP Trivial at Fletching 194

Go to the room where the quest started with the Grand Historian and wander around spamming the following prayer until you see a message saying you've been inspired.

You say, 'Oh Brell, Thank you for protecting me and seeing me through my trials. Forgive me for the things I think and say and do that displease you. Please reveal to me your will and bless me with the patience and obedience to do that which you desire. Amen.'

You have been inspired. The sacred pattern of the Coldain rune materializes on the ground before you.

On the floor in front of the Historian was a Etched Rune pattern: LORE ITEM NO DROP

Combine the pattern, burin, and rune in a fletching kit.

Result: Etched Rune: MAGIC LORE NO DROP
Trivial at Fletching 194

Go show your Etched Rune to Grimthor by the brew barrel in Thurgadin.

Grimthor Brewbeard says 'That looks about right. You're moving along well outlander. Next you'll be needin to brew up a sacred ink to fill the grooves in your rune. Take Iceclad Cutlass fish oil, liquid velium, and some Royal Kromrif blood, brew them in the barrel here then take the product and the rune and combine them in a fletching kit. Show Talem Tucker the resulting item if yer successful.

You say, 'what cutlass fish oil'

Grimthor Brewbeard says 'Grab a pole and fish the waters in Iceclad until you catch yourself three Iceclad Cutlass fish. Place them in this oil extractor and you'll have whatcha need.

You say, 'what liquid velium'

Grimthor Brewbeard says 'Collect a small piece of velium and a bottle of rubbing alcohol and brew them together in a barrel. It aint easy, but it should prove to be a minor task for the likes of you.

He gives you: Fish oil extractor 4 slot container LORE NO DROP

Fish in Iceclad until you get 3 Cutlass fish and combine them in the extractor.

Result: Cutlassfish Oil: LORE Trivial at Brewing 168

You need to go to the Mortician in Cabilis and buy rubbing alcohol. Luckily I have an iksar who picked it up for me.

Combine the rubbing alcohol and a small piece of velium in a brew barrel.

Result: Liquid Velium: LORE Trivial at Brewing 168

Combine the Liquid Velium, Fish Oil and a Royal Kromrif Blood (LORE) from Kael in a brew barrel. I don't know which mob drops the blood as guild members who'd been hunting there already had some.

Result: Sacred Velium Ink: LORE NO DROP
Trivial at Brewing 168

Combine the ink and rune in a fletching kit.

Result: Velium etched Rune: MAGIC LORE NO DROP Trivial at Fletching 194

Go to the jewelry store in Thurgadin by the Exchange. Show your rune to Talem Tucter.

Talem Tucter says 'I've heard of your mission, Adorean . I must admit that I had my doubts you'd make it this far. The rune's creation is nearly impossible for even the most skilled of Coldain craftsmen. You should be exceedingly proud. Many have attempted this feat and nearly all have lacked the skill, faith, patience and persistence that is prerequisite for what destiny holds in store for you. You are now ready to use this pattern to construct the sacred rune's casing and complete the runed shawl.

You say, 'what casing'

Talem Tucter says 'Combine two platinum bars, a small piece of velium and the casing pattern in a Jeweler's kit. Take the completed casing and the rune and combine them in the same kit. When this is done all that's left is to tailor the rune to the shawl with the pattern. Take the finished product to Borannin, I'm sure he's eager to speak with you.

Combine the pattern he gives you, a small piece of velium and two platinum bars in a jewelry kit.

Result: The casing. Trivial at Jewel Craft 182

Combine the Casing and your Rune in a jewelry kit.

Result: Encased Velium etched Rune: MAGIC LORE NO DROP Trivial at Jewel Craft 182

Take the final Rune, the pattern you originally received from Betti at the start and your 6th shawl and combine in a tailoring kit.

Result: Runed Coldain Prayer Shawl AC7 STA 7 CHA 7 WIS 7 INT 7 SV FIRE/COLD/POISON 7 Effect: Flowing Thought 1 Trivial at Tailoring 212

You can then go show Loremaster Borannin your 7th shawl.

Loremaster Borannin says 'Incredible! Never before has an outlander been skilled and determined enough to craft our sacred rune. You are now worthy of the Dains most perilous tasks. One is being prepared for you as we speak, please check back with me soon and I will outline the details for you. Until then, Adorean , allow me to commend you on a job well done!

Reward: Runed Coldain Prayer Shawl

AC7 STA 7 CHA 7 WIS 7 INT 7 SV FIRE/COLD/POISON 7 Effect: Flowing Thought 1

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