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Sixth Quest

You need 1 Woven Giants Beard, 2 Siren Hairs, 2 Manticore Manes, and 2 Drakkel Dire Wolf Whiskers.

First go to Betti Frostreaver and say 'What embroidered prayer shawl' and she will hand you a pattern that is used for the 6th step.

Next go to GD near the Wizard Spires near Eastern Wastes zone and kill the Wolfs that pat around there. Most of the time you'll find someone killing them for faction with the Codian. It's a semi-common drop but is No Drop. While your killing those Wolfs /Auc your buying a Woven Giants Beard. It is Lore so most of the time someone will let you loot one off a giant or will give you one if they sell it to you the common price is about 50 plat for one. I got both whiskers in about 20 mins and the beard during that 20 mins. Also you can sometimes find a beard on a merchant they sell for about 130 plat.

Next zone over to Eastern Wastes. You need to hunt down 2 Manticores and hope they drop their manes. The Manticore mane is dropable so you can purchase one if your lucky. Or find a merchant selling one, I had to hunt for mine. Manticores roam the entire zone but are most common near the Great Divide zone area but are still semi-uncommon to find normally only 2-3 are up in the whole zone. Out of the six I killed I got four manes. Took about an hour to kill 4. BTW these are blue to a level 55 and they are nasty. Use root/rot if you can.

Lastly, killing Sirens. Head or Gate to Cobalt Scar. There is 2 main areas these are at that I know of behind the Skyshrine ramp down at the waters edge you can see 3 from above + 2 in the water a little bit deeper. And near the Sirens Grotto Cave underwater there is 4 guarding the cave. These are NOT Fun. Bring a group with you if you can. But always remember your friends will turn on you FAST. These things are Enchanters and will Charm your friends and turn them on you as well as nuke you hard. So it makes pulling hard for them.

Now that you've collected everything you need place the beard, 2 manes, 2 whiskers and 2 hairs into the kit. This will make a Thread. Now place your thread, the 5th Shawl and the pattern your got earlier and combine. This will make your 6th Shawl. If you fail you will get your 5th shawl back


Reward: Embroidered Coldain Prayer Shawl

AC 6, wis +6, int +6, sv cold +6

 [Seventh Shawl]