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Raptor 101:
This is a guide for hunting raptors. It is how I did it, so I do not take responsibility if you die. These are druid rules, Wizzies modify as needed to get 4 together.

Note: If you are on either island with a full spawn, and not at the two safe spots, you WILL be in aggro range of something.

Rules not to forget:
1. Keep Levitate up at ALL times.
2. Keep some form of speed up at ALL times.
3. Keep some form of regen up at ALL times.
4. It is better to interrupt your cast and get another cast than to try to squeeze on in. If a quad of Raptors hits you they can take up to 600+ hit points a shot between the three that can hit you. If you are stunned, you will die.

Quick Abbreviations:
VR# = Vicious Raptor Number #
R# = Raptor Number #
RO# = Roamer Number #

Small Island:
Stay at safe spot. When RO1 nears R8, step out and snare them both. R7 MIGHT join so be ready to be beat on. If all else fails run in circles and snare one at a time. DO NOT go past the abandoned building (brown square) or VR3 will join. Get VR3 or R9 for your fourth mob.

Once you have them all snared, run circles around them (2 or 3 should do) to get them into a tight little ball ready for whacking.

Note: on small isle quad R5 and R6 do not come into play. If you have a group these can be pulled, as well as R9 from the big isle which is a solo raptor.

Large Island:
Large Isle offers many different choices.
1. From safe spot, wait for RO2 and RO3 to show. Snare them and R4, then chose either R3 or VR2 to complete the quad. Whichever one you chose, kite them on the East shore between the safe spot and R4ís spot.

2. Same idea, but avoid RO3. Run down ocean between isles until you can cast on R4. Snare RO2 then run down and snare VR2. You can then either go for VR1 (run directly at him from VR2ís spot and you wont aggro R3 or R1) or go for R1. Whichever you chose, kite these along the South shore between R4ís spot and VR2ís spot.

Big Raptor can be shared. You take your 4 and do East end, your friend takes other 4 and goes to the West shore to kite. There are many that will share and it keeps you safe from adds.