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Warden Symbol of Tunare

Minimum Level: 12, 30 recommended

Soloable? Over 30, possibly. Over 50, yes

This is for Clerics and Druids that worship for Tunare only.

Warden Symbol of Tunare
AC7  Wis +3 Cha+2 Mana +15 
	Effect: Grasping Roots

This quest starts in Felwithe. Head to the cleric guild there and find Yeolarn Bronzeleaf, who is at the end of the hall and is the guild trainer. Hail him.

Yeolarn Bronzeleaf says 'Hail, Galiana ! We of Tunare are charged with protecting the Great Mother from the forces of Innoruuk. Even now, the evil minions of this foul deity are despoiling our great forest. Will you help us [protect the Mother]?

You say, 'I will protect the mother'

Yeolarn Bronzeleaf says 'Just outside the gates of Felwithe, the forces of Innoruuk gather in the guise of decaying skeletons. Bring me four sets of bone chips as proof of your vigilance. I assure you, your faith shall not go unrewarded.

So find 4 bone chips off any skeleton and turn them in. Easy enough.

Yeolarn Bronzeleaf says 'Praise Tunare! I knew you would be victorious. I reward you with this spell, and pray that it will help you in your fight against the unholy forces of Innoruk. When you are ready you will make a fine [Initiate of Tunare].

You say, 'what initiate of tunare'

Yeolarn Bronzeleaf says 'The Teir'Dal behind the undead plague in our forest have discovered a means of creating a terrible undead called a Ghast. These Ghasts have been sighted in the Lesser Faydark and must be destroyed. Bring me four of the vile creatures hearts.

Head into Lesser Faydark at night. Don't forget your wolf form. After 8pm at night, between one to four Rancorous Ghasts will spawn at random locations in the woods. They can be anywhere so keep running around and checking track. The Ghasts are around level 10-12 making them easy to kill About one in three will drop a heart, so expect to spend a few nights in LFay. After about 6 am, they stop spawning and you'll have to wait for the next day. Take 4 hearts back into Yeolarn.

Yeolarn Bronzeleaf says 'Praise Tunare!! You have done well young Initiate. Here the symbol of your station within our faith. Return to me when you are ready to [slay the necromancer] that has been creating the undead.

He then gives you the Initiate Symbol of Tunare, which is a very low-end necklace with a sv vs. disease.

You say, 'slay the necromancer?'

Yeolarn Bronzeleaf says 'The Fier'Dal rangers that inhabit the Lesser Faydark have spotted a courier making deliveries to the Teir'Dal camp near Castle Mistmoore and to a necromancer that lingers near the ancient obelisk. We believe that the crates he carries are supplies needed for the creation of more Ghasts. Another shipment should be arriving soon. Seek out the necromancer at the obelisk and take his head then take the head of the courier and return them to me with the crate that the courier carries and your Initiate Symbol of Tunare.

So head back into Lesser Faydark at night, you'll find a shrine in the SW part of the zone, due north by east from the Mistmoore zone. Kill the skeletons and mummies that spawn on the shrine and eventually the necro, Larik Z`Vole, will spawn. Kill him. He will drop his head which you need. As soon as he dies, the dark elf courier will spawn at the Steamfront zone. Run like all hell toward Steamfront and keep checking track for the Dark Elf Courier. He will head for the inky camp in southeast LFay, and if he gets to that camp you will have a hell of a time killing him. As soon as you find him, snare him so he stops running toward the inky camp and turns on you. Kill him and loot his head and a crate. Turn in both DE heads and the crate to Yeolarn.

Yeolarn Bronzeleaf says 'Praise Tunare! The Mother smiles on you this day Disciple Galiana ! I present with the symbol of your new station among the Priests of Tunare. Return to me when you are ready to become a [Warden of Tunare].

Now you need to make a decision to continue, which is a pain, and get a necklace that has higher wisdom by one point and AC by two points, but a proc effect that isn't as good. The Disciple Symbol of Tunare procs a short-lasting +15 boost sv vs poison and disease, whereas the final product offers no such saves, it just procs a root spell. +15 sv vs poison and disease is really nice.

If you continue, you say, 'I am ready to be a Warden of Tunare'

Yeolarn Bronzeleaf says 'The crate obtained from the Teir'Dal Courier contained this black candlestick that radiates an aura of great magical power. I request that you deliver the candlestick to Lady Trilani who is studying with the High Men in Erudin. Perhaps she can divine the nature of the candlestick and offer aid in defeating its power. The remaining contents of the crate have been given to Crusader Swiftmoon to be delivered to a gnome in steamfont that is purchasing them on behalf of the Eldrich Collective. When you return be sure to present your Disciple Symbol to me with anything that Tilani may ask you to deliver.

He'll give you a candlestick. There's a typo in his text. The character you want is TRILANI, not Tilani. She resides in Erudin, in the section with the bank and gem vendor on the bottom floor and wizard, mage and enchater guilds. She's in the building with the yellow front on the third floor. She's an unarmored High Elf.

You say, 'Hail Trilani Parlone'

Trilani Parlone says 'Hail, good adventurer! Do you bring word from my [husband]?

You say, 'who husband'

Trilani Parlone says 'Tolkar is his name. My beloved husband. He still lives in Felwithe while I study here. It must be hard on him.

Enough socializing. Give her the candle

Trilani Parlone says 'I can sense the dark magic that rests within this candlestick. I will need you to concoct a divinatory aid for me before I can discern more. Take this suspension and brew it in a brew barrel with one white hellebore, a pouch of the red dust created by the Fire Peak goblin wizards, and the caustic substance used by the Dark Offerers in Mayong Mistmoore's wicked castle.

Quite a bit of travel ahead of you. Head to Infected Paw in South Karana to get some White Hellbore. All of the gnolls in the zone drop it, so just /shout to the zone asking for a Hellibore and someone will probably have one for you. If not, just kill gnolls till you get one. Then head to SolA and kill goblins. Eventually one will drop a Pouch of Red Dust. The pouch is NODROP, so you can't mooch one off players in the zone.

The last part is the most unpleasant. Head to Mistmoore castle. The higher level you are the easier it will be to solo, but I suggest a high level tank regardless. Invis yourselves and move in to the area near the Butler and Maid. You can camp them, since it's a nice quiet corner, possibly farm the Nightshade Wreath, and there should be Dark Offerer's spawning nearby, particularly in the cook room.  Kill one and loot the Caustic Substance, which is also NODROP.

Head back to Erudin. Take the three items and the mixture Trilani gave you and combine them in a brew barrel. There's one in BlueHawk's Food, which is near the Library of Erudin. You don't need brew skills. I know because I have no brew skills and it worked. Give the mixture to Trilani..

Trilani Parlone performs a subtle divinatory ritual. 'This is a powerful evil indeed. The smoke from special candles crafted by the Teir'Dal and burned in this candlestick allows the creation of undead of unordinary might. The Ghasts are only one of it's many possible creations. I will concoct a powder for you to take back to Yeolarn that will assist in defeating the monstrosities the candle has produced. The candlestick itself will remain here within the High Tower of Erudin for the time being.'

You wind up with a Powder of Unanimation that has 2 charges of the level 60 cleric spell "Banishment of Shadows" which instantly kills any undead mob, but with no loot or exp. Take this powder back to Yeolarn...

Yeolarn Bronzeleaf says 'Praise Tunare!! I will have our sorcerers examine this powder immediately to see if we can reproduce it in quantities enough to eliminate the undead plague. I award you the rank of Warden of Tunare, the All Mother smiles upon you Galiana !

You now have the Warden Symbol of Tunare necklace. Right-click on it to proc a root spell.