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Veeshan's Peak Key Quest

Main Quest

The main quest is given by Emperor Ganak (-2740, +2845) in Trakanon's Teeth (this is the same guy that gives the Sebilis key quest).
Quest Items:
- Medallion of Jarsath
- Medallion of Obulus
- Medallion of Kylong
- Trakanon's Tooth

Each Medallion is a separate quest.  Once you have completed the the 3 medallions quest and have your Trakanon's Tooth, simply turn the 4 items into Emperor Ganak for your Key of Veeshan.

Hint: The medallions can be identified if you get them mixed up in your bags or in the bank.

Medallion of Jarsath

Quest Giver Xiblin Fizzlebik (-5777, +2943) in Timorous Deep.  He is a gnome that is sitting in ruins located on the chessboard island.
Top The ancient Jarsath in Firiona Vie is a level 40 Iksar skeleton monk (4000 HP) with high MR, that spawns very close to the mouth of the drolvarg temple at +647, -2097 and roams down the hill to the nearby drolvarg camp then across the road a bit and back.  He is the only undead mob in the whole zone, so sense the dead works great if you have it. Approximate time: 2 hours.
Middle The blood gill marauder at the bottom of Lake of Ill Omen at -376, -52,  is a static non-roaming lake goblin with 2 lesser guards, level 35-39, and the marauder himself is level 40 (3000 HP). He hits around the 90s. His spawn point is a few feet inside the "entrance" to the underwater temple.  Approximate time: 2 hours
Bottom It's just a bag sitting on the ground in the Swamp of No Hope at +52, +2935. Respawn time: Approximate  2 hours

Medallion of Obulus

Quest Giver Slixin Klex (-681, -1127) in Burning Woods.  He is located in the bottom of a crater.
Top The pained soul in Trakanon's Teeth is a single spawn, static, Iksar spectre placeholder at -1835, -4368, which is pretty close to the ramp that leads down to the Sebilis bubble. He is about level 44 and hits for over 100 and his placeholder spawns every 8.5 minutes exactly. Approximate time ranges from 4-10 hours for him to show up.  He has been know to respawn back-to-back before.  Note: This is the hardest piece to get.
Middle The rotting skeleton in Dreadlands is a  single, static, non-roaming placeholder that spawns at +2246, -5113 which is up on the ledge above one of the spider intensive areas and above the the skelton ruins near the Fronia Vie zone.  The spot has a quick (7 minute exactly) respawn, but he is somewhat uncommon, and is level 43 (5000 HP). Approximate time: 2 hours.
Bottom This medallion piece has its own subquest from Ssolet Dnaas (+4010, +396) in Warslilks Woods. The Burnished Wood Stave  is a random drop on any mob in Chardok, and drops quite frequently.  The only problem is he is on some type of Iksar faction (not Legion of Cabilis) which most non-Iksars are KOS to. Unless you somehow have good enough faction with him to receive the quest, you have to bring along an enchanter or bard to charm him, he is level 50 . Once he is charmed simply hand him the staff to get your medallion piece. Approximate time: 1 hour

Medallion of Kylong

Guest Giver Professor Akabo (-2540, -2994) in Lake of Ill Omen.  He is located in the wind mill that has the dwarves selling poison stuff.
Top There is a subquest in Chardok given by the ratman Niblek for the first piece. He requires you to bring him a Black Sapphire and a Ruby for his medallion segment. Niblek is indifferent to everyone, and is located in the slave area of Chardock.  Approximate time: 15 minutes
Middle There is a piece sitting on the ground on the 2nd floor of the library in Kaesora. Go up the stairs and it will be in the back left corner. Respawn time: Approximate  2 hours
Bottom Verix Kyloxs remains is located in Karnor's Castle in the basement. He is a level 51 shaman Iksar skeleton that summons and gates and is fairly rare spawn.  The best way to get to him is by entering the basement by the underwater tunnel in the back right of zone.  He is located in a room with 5 other spawns, one of which is in a hidden wall.  This is the 2nd hardest Item to get. Approximate time: 4 Hours