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Tunare Signet Ring



This quest starts in Wakening Lands and you will spend a lot of time there. Soloing it will be tough in areas. In the faun building that leads to the plain of growth there is a named Faun, Shamus Aghllsews.

'hail Shamus Aghllsews'

Shamus Aghllsews says 'Welcome to my fiefdom wayward Wood Elf. I am Duke Shamus Aghllsews of the Tunarean Court. Only those who pledge friendship or membership to the Court are allowed sanctuary in the Wakening Lands.

'I pledge friendship'

Shamus Aghllsews says 'You must first prove your intentions to the Tunarean Court. I will permit you to participate in an oath of friendship only after you bring me four picks used by the Kromrif Laborers that are attempting to build into our lands.'

Kill Frost Giant Laborers in WL. There's a building between the dragon rings and he Kael entrance where you can find about six of them, and three more are straight out from the Kael entrance. They don't always drop picks. The picks are giant, and very heavy. Put them in a weight reducer like a Tinker's bag. Return to Shamus and give him 4 picks. You gain experience and +TunareanCourt

Shamus Aghllsews grips your hand in his own and recites an oath in an ancient tongue. 'Should you ever seek membership in this court you are required to receive the support of its counts, countesses, barons, and baronesses. Should they deem you worthy you may present their crests to me and with my approval become a citizen of our kingdom. The Kromrif and Kromzek are persistent in their efforts to expand Kael into the forest of Tunare, they are a threat to all houses of the Tunarean Court. A Kromzek architect occasionally visits the building sites. I desire to acquire his blueprints for the expansion of Kael.' (This is a separate quest, listed on its own).

He gives you a 6 slot container.

Go into the Wakening Lands and talk to the various subjects of Tunare that reside there. Each Crest requires a rather lengthy subquest to collect.

The 6 crests are:

Crest of the Wood Nymph
Crest of the Fairy Dragons

Crest of the Unicorns
Crest of the Sifaye
Crest of the fauns
Crest of the Drixie

All of the subquests needed to obtain the six crests are below.

After getting all 6 crests, combine them in the box. This creates a box of Tunarean Crests. Hand this back to Shamus for your reward.

Crest of the Wood Nymph

Eysa Florawhisper is a nymph who looks like a brownie, but as big as an elf. She's in the Wakening Land south of the Tower leading to PoG.

You say, 'Hail, Eysa Florawhisper'

Eysa Florawhisper says 'A pleasure to meet you, Galiana. I am Countess Eysa Florawhisper of the Tunarean Court. Are you a friend of the court? '

You say, 'i am a friend of the court'

Eysa Florawhisper says 'You appear to be a creature that has seen many foreign lands. There are a number of fruits and seeds that I desire in order to plant them and preserve their species here in the wakening land. I will provide a bag for you that will preserve the seeds until they can be returned to me. Will you gather seeds for me? '

You say, 'i will gather seeds for you'

Eysa Florawhisper says 'I seek the following fruits and seeds. A misty acorn, emerald orange, bag of caynar nuts, vineclinger berries, ripened heartfruit, rathe berries, marr cherries, and flarefire seeds. '

She gives you a bag that's a container, so you need a free slot. The seeds are all over the damn place. All but one have to be foraged. With a forage of 200 you'll get them very fast. Check what you forage, since they look like regular fruits.

Misty Acorn: picked up off ground in Misty Thicket
Emerald Orange: Trakanon's Teeth
Bag of Caynar Nuts: Toxxulia Forest
Vinclinger Berries: Butcherblock mountains (no drop)
Ripened Heartfruit: Greater Faydark (no drop)
Rathe Berries: Lake Rathe
Marr Cherries: Ocean Of Tears
Flarefire Seeds: Field of Bone (no drop)

Combine them in the container and return it to her. She rewards you with a faction adjustment and experience and the "Crest of the Wood Nyphs".

Crest of the Fairy Dragons

Lord Gossimerwind is a very rare spawn in WL.

You say, 'hail Lord Gossimerwind'

Lord Gossimerwind blinks at you a few times then speaks in a strangely musical draconic voice. 'You vish to azzizt ze count of ze Tunarean Faerie Dragons?'

You say, 'I wish to assist'

Lord Gossimerwind says 'I vish to ztop ze Kromzek Foreman from continuing ta deztroy thiz land. Iv you vish to azzizt you can zlay ze Foreman and bring me hiz helm az proof.

Slay the Kromzek Foreman in WL, also a rare spawn, and loot his helmet and bring it back for the Crest of the Faery Dragons.

Crest of the Unicorns

You say, 'hail Lady Gelistial'

Lady Gelistial nods towards Pharos and a soft gentle voice whispers in your mind as if carried by the breeze passing through the gentle grove. 'You tread upon the sacred ground of Tunare. I am the Lady Gelistial, baroness of the Tunarean Unicorns. Are you a friend of the Tunarean Court?'

You say, 'I am a friend'

Lady Gelistial says 'Be wary of the black unicorns then my friend. All unicorns once inspired dreams and fascination in mortals but the lineage of Lithiniath has been twisted and now inspire delusions and madness. If my duties here were not so pressing I would seek the wisdom of Prince Thirneg in finding a cure for the cursed bloodline of Lithiniath.

You say, 'who is Lithiniath'

Lady Gelistial says 'Lithiniath was once a proud and noble Unicorn until he stumbled upon the realm of Fizzlethorpe Bristlebane. The lord of mischief twisted the magical nature of Lithiniath. The once noble unicorns fur grew blacker as delusions clouded his mind and madness follows where he treads.

You say, 'who is prince thirneg'

Lady Gelistial says 'Prince Thirneg is the ruler of the Tunarean Court. He resides in the Plane of Growth where he is constant contact with the all mother herself.

Go find the prince. He is located in the bottom of Tunare's Tree.

You say, 'hail Prince Thirneg'

Prince Thirneg says 'Salutations Wood Elf Lhani ! I am the Prince of the Tunarean Court! What brings you to this most sacred of all Tunares blessed creations?

Kenamin says, 'Lady Gelistial sent me'

Prince Thirneg says 'Gelistial is a very wise Lady. She does well in her duties to the court as well as the duties to her people. Unfortunately the weight of her responsibility prevents us from meeting as often as I would like.

You say, 'I seek a cure for the line of Lithiniath'

Prince Thirneg says 'Ahh..Lithiniath, the first of the black unicorns, cursed by Fizzlethorpe Bristlebane to spread madness and delusions. Lithiniath is not evil, but his lawful magical nature has been replaced with a chaotic reflection of it that has twisted his mind. Lithiniaths physical form can not survive the removal of the chaotic magical nature. The only cure for Lithiniath is death and rebirth into a lawful vessel.

Lithiniath is found in the Plane of Mischief. If you kill him, he drops a horn. On the other side of the room there is a white stallion. Give him the horn and he will transform into the real Lithiniath. He gives you the Crest of the Unicorn.

Crest of the Sifaye

You say, 'hail Countess Silveana'

Countess Silveana curtsies politely 'Welcome to our home! I am the Countess Silveana of the Tunarean Court.'

You say, 'what tunarean court'

Countess Silveana says 'The Tunarean Court consists of several of Tunare's most blessed creatures. We Sifaye help defend the wakening land from the invading giants to the east and watch for threats from the dragons to the west.

You say, 'what giants'

Countess Silveana says 'There is a giant with a strange metal stick that has been the largest threat as of late. He wanders further into our lands than the other with the stick to his eye and squashes my Sifaye when he finds them. If you eliminate him for us I would like to see that stick he carries.

The Storm Giant Surveyor usually spawns at the fort that's south and west of the entrance to Kael. It's the closest one to the dragon ring. He can be soloed. Hand her the Kromzek Surveyor Scope.

Countess Silveana claps boisterously 'My people are in your debt for putting an end to that monsters murderous squashings! Here is the crest of the Sifaye'

Crest of the Fauns

A Kromzek Architect occasionally visits the building sites. Shamus desires to acquire his blueprints for the expansion of Kael, but you can't do this until after doing the Laborer's picks quest (see above).

Kill a Storm Giant Architect and loot kromzek architect blueprints.

After turning in the Architect Blueprints Shamus Aghllsews says 'You have my gratitude Galiana . With these blueprints we can better prepare the forests defenses against the giant invaders. I have yet another favor to ask of you as well. Fill this empty bag with crystallized sulfur. When mixed with the crushed herbs in the other bag it will create an explosion strong enough to destroy stone. Take the two full bags into Kael Drakkel and plant it into a crate of the kromzeks building supplies.

Your faction standing with TunareanCourt got better
You gain party experience!!

Recieved a 4 slot container for the crystalized sulfur.
Recieved a bag of crushed herbs (not a container).

I put one crystalized sulfur into each slot and combined and it became a bag of sulfur, no longer a container. Headed to Kael from Wakening. If you proceed past the first few guards and go up a hill you see 4 destroyed buildings(platforms with broken walls). Look on the floor of each and you will see two bags on the floor of one platform (will update with loc when I get it). If you take one of the bags (sulfur or herbs) and try to drop them on the floor where (you must click the directly onto the floor) the bags are, a trade screen will open up labled a bag of (building?)supplies. NOTE: Your invis drops at this point even though it still shows you as invis. Put the bag of sulfur and the bag of crushed herbs in this window and hit trade. After the explosion goes off a bag appears on the ground where you are PICK THIS BAG UP, it is the proof that you set off the explosion. Looks like a black marble and is called a pile of rubble. WARNING: When you hit trade the explosion goes off. I was unprepared and was probably hit for the full damage (around 1000 points of fire damage). I'm assuming if you buff up fire resists you may be able to resist it, however my natural FR is 85 so maybe I just got unlucky. The explosion nearly killed me and soon after a giant did.

Took the pile of rubble back to Shamus and gave it to him.

Shamus Aghllsews says 'You have proven yourself to the Fauns of the Tunarean Court. The destruction of the Kromzeks building supplies will slow their progress for some time.

Your faction standing with TunareanCourt got better
You gain experience!!

Crest of the Drixie

You say, 'hail Lord Prismwing'

Lord Prismwing flutters his wings rapidly sending shimmering dust through the air around you. Although he speaks in high pitched chirps you somehow understand his meaning. Hello Jaeden , I am the Count of the Tunarean Drixies. Are you a friend of the Tunarean Court?

You say, 'I am a friend of the court'

Lord Prismwing says 'I am in need of some help. One of my heralds was sent to deliver a message to the Othmir in the Cobalt Scar some time ago and has not returned. I fear for his safety, if your travels should lead you in that direction please attempt to find news of my missing herald.

Head to Cobalt Scar and kill the named wyvern Yvolcarn. He's around level 52, does not cast but summons and is immune to snare. Killing him means a CoV faction hit, so if you are not on Kael faction, ask some friends who are to do the kill, and zone so you don't take the hit. Loot drixie remains from him (lore, no drop).

Give these back to Prismwing and recieve a Crest of the Drixie