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Sebilis Mobs/Drops

Name Location Common Rare Rare
Arch Duke Iatol Past crypt, in Imperial Crypt Guardian area Ykeshan War Club Jaundiced Bone Bracer Silken Whip of Ensnaring
Baron Yosig Past crypt, in Imperial Crypt Guardian area Journeyman's Walking Stick Tolan's Darkwood Helm Luminescent Staff
Blood of Chottal Undead Area past the second locked door Cone of the Mystics Tolan's Darkwood Vambraces Breath of Harmony
Brogg Disco 2, past the secret door in the Library Clay Guardian Shield Tolan's Darkwood Bracer Ebon Mace
Crypt Caretaker In the "four door" area on undead side Obulus Mantle Deepwater Helm Rod of Annihilation (possibly no longer drops)
Emperor Chottal Undead Side past second locked door Nathsar Great Sword and high level spells Deepwater Vambraces Rod of Lamentation
Frenzied Pox Scarab On the right room adjoining the "Disco Room" Beetle Stinger Deepwater Bracer Runed Fighter's Staff
Froggy Chef area None Singing Steel Helm None
Froglok Armorer Side room in hallway to Bar/Arm None Singing Steel Bracer None
Froglok Armsman Near the chef (left side room from dining hall) Sebilite Scale Bracer or Sebilite Scale Leggings Mrylokar's Helm Truncheon of Doom
Froglok Bartender Bar room Sebilite Scale Cape or Sebilite Scale Gloves Mrylokar's Vambraces Dark Scale Greaves
Froglok Chef 5-spawn room in Chef Sebilite Scale Cap and Sebilite Scale Vambraces Mrylokar's Bracer Fayguard Bladecatcher
Froglok Commander Wanders in disco 2 Sebilite Scale Boots or Sebilite Scale Mask Donal's Helm of Mourning Green Jade Halberd
Froglok Ostiary Disco 1 on left side Sebilite Scale Neckguard or Sebilite Scale Mantle Donal's Vambraces of Mourning Arbitor's Combine Greatsword
Froglok Pickler Pickler room on left side Sebilite Scale Belt or Sebilite Scale Coat Donal's Bracer of Mourning Zealot's Incarnadine Sword
Froglok Repairer Chef room None Singing Steel Vambraces None
Gangrenous Beetle Iksar Necro Jail Gangrenous Beetle Mask Elder Spiritist's Helm Staff of the Waterwalker
Gruplinort Disco 1 on left side Froglok Bonecaster's Robe Elder Spiritist's Bracer Sarnak Warhammer
Harbinger Freglor Past crypt, in Imperial Crypt Guardian area Box of Nil Space (10 slot 70% reduction, 5.0 weight) Knuckle Dusters Cane of Harmony
Heirophant Prime Grekal Past crypt, in Imperial Crypt Guardian area Heirophant Cloak Sword of Skyfire Sword of the Morning
Myconid Spore King Mushroom area Fungi Covered Scale Tunic Fungi Covered Great Staff Robe of the Living Fungus
Necrosis Beetle NG/B2 area Cane of the Tranquil Jaundiced Bone Vambraces Crystalline Short Sword
Sebilite Guardian On top of the door to undead area Larrikan's Mask Lamentation Windsaber
Sebilite Protector Trakanon's Lair Hardened Clay Bracer Poison Wind Censer Staff of Battle
Tolapumj South of Trakanon's Lair Tolapumj's Robe Cap of the Insubstantial  


Random Items

Adamantite Bo Stick (krups)
Blade of the Black Dragon Eye (reets)
Blood Ember Bracer (ghoul frogs)
Blood Ember Vambraces (ghoul frogs)
Blood Ember Helm (sebilite juggernauts)
Book of Obulus (zols)
Brell's Keg Popper (skeletal champion)
Cobalt Bracer (myconid reavers)
Cobalt Helm (reets)
Cobalt Vambraces (zols)
Dragon Horn of the Ykesha (dars)
Granite Face Grinder (spectral harbingers)
Froglok Scale Chestplate (sebilite golems)
Jaundiced Bone Helm (Iksar Necromancers)
Obulus Death Shroud (dar knights)
Peacebringer (zol knights)
Runebranded Girdle (krups, very rare)
Sebilite Croaking Dirk (sebilite juggernauts)
Shieldstorm (jins)
Siblisian Berserker Cloak (kors, very rare)
Slime Coated Harpoon (boks)
Sludged Girdle (scarabs)
Stormwood Battlestaff (kor shaman)