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High Level Mob Drop Catalog

Mobs R-Z

Restless Burrower Sage Headdress of Consciousness AC10 +10str +25int +100mana Effect:Flowing Thought 1 || all/all
Talisman of the Burrower AC15 +5str/int/agi +12dex/sta/cha/wis +75hp/mana +10sv all Effect:Lunar Whispers || Class:clr/dru/shm Race:All
Wormhusk Harness AC20 +15str/sta/wis/int +100hp/mana || Class:war/pal/rng/shd/mnk/brd/rog/bst Race:All
Rhag`Mozdezh Bone Golem Greaves AC37 +10str +5dex/wis +45hp +35mana +5dr +10mr || Class:war/clr/pal/shd/brd Race:all
  Buring Scepter of the Elements 17dmg 19dly || +10sta/int +75hp/mana +30cr/fr +10mr Effect: Blazing Heat || Class:mag Race:all
  Crystal of Interpretation AC15 +15str +10dex +10sta +50hp +6sv all || Class:war/pal/rng/shd/mnk/brd/rog/bst Race:all
Deathly Temptation Spell
Funeral Pyre of Kelador Spell
Gloves of Control AC15 +15wis/int +50mana Effect:Summon Companion || Class:shd/shm/nec/mag/enc/bst Race:hum/bar/eru/hie/def//trl/ogr/gnm/iks/vah
Rei's Battleworn Dirk Piercing 15dmg 22dly || +5str/sta/agi +25hp +10cr/fr/mr Skill Modifier: +5% Piercing || Class:rog Race:all
Scimitar of Oak 1HS 23dmg +5 dmg vs Elementals 25dly || +10str +12wis +50hp/mana +10cr/fr/mr Effect:Penetrating Roots || Class:dru Race:all
Shadowed Silk Pants 11AC +7dex/cha/int +30hp +50mana +10dr/pr || Class:nec/wiz/enc/mag Race:all
Smouldershank Piercing 14dmg 20dly || +5str/sta/dex +25hp/mana +10dr/pr Effect:Fiery Curse || Class:war/rng/brd/rog Race:all
Sword of Nochular 1HS 15dmg 20dly || +4sta +5agi +25hp +10cr/fr/mr || Class:war/rng/brd/rog Race:all
Talisman of Evasion AC15 +8dr/pr +20mr || all/all
Rhag`Zhezum Bone Golem Vambraces AC29 +5str/dex/wis +30hp/mana +5cr/fr/mr || Class:war/clr/pal/shd/brd Race:all
  Earing of Resistance Ear II AC8 +30mana +10sv all II all/all
Focus Crystal || AC15 +15cha +20int/wis +25hp +100mana +5sv all || all/all
Khashek's Katar H2H12dmg 20dly || +7dex/agi +75hp +7cr Effect:Claw of the Savage Lord || Class:mnk/bst Race:hum/bar/trl/ogr/iks/vah
Mana Twined Staff 33dmg 35dly || +5str +10cha/int +100hp/mana +10cr/fr/mr || Class:nec/mag/wiz/enc Race:all
Remove Greater Curse Spell
Righteousness 1HB 20dmg 22dly || +10str +5sta +10wis +25hp/mana +10cr/fr/mr Effect:Vibrant Might || Class:clr/dru/shm Race:all
Scale Mesh Vambraces AC24 +5dex/wis +30hp/mana +10fr/mr || Class:war/clr/pal/rng/shd/brd/rog/shm Class:all
Serpent Skin Armlet AC10 +8dex/wis +5sta +25hp +35mana +5cr/mr/pr || Class:war/rng/dru/mnk/rog/shm/bst Race:all
Silver Lined Sleeves AC30 +10str/dex/cha +10hp +40mana || Class:brd/nec/wiz/mag/enc Race:hum/eru/elf/hie/def/hef/gnm/iks/vah
10th Ring War Choker of the Wretched AC8 +8str/cha/wis/int +40hp/mana Effect:Flowing Thought 3 || Class:clr/dru/shm/nec/wiz/mag/enc Race:all
Crown of Narandi AC25 +8str/dex/sta/wis/int/agi +50hp/mana +4sv all Effect:Flowing Thought 2|| Class:pal/shd/rng/bst Race:all
Earring of the Frozen Skull AC4 +40mana +4sv all Effect:Divine Aura (4) || Class:cle/dru/shm/nec/enc/wiz/mag Race:all
Eye of Narandi AC4 +4str/dex/sta/agi +40hp/mana Effect:Creeping Vision || all/all
Faceguard of Bentos the Hero AC10 +10str/sta +10hp +10dr/pr Effect:See Invisible || Class:war/pal/rng/shd/mnk/brd/rog/bst Race:all
Narandi's Lance 2HPiercing 44dmg 45dly || +8str/sta/wis/int +30hp/mana +10dr Effect:Boiling Blood || Class:war/pal/shd Race:all
Ring of Dain Frostreaver IV AC10 +10str/sta +100hp +10mr Effect:Frostreaver's Blessing || all/all
*Sleepers Tomb Priceless Weapons Same as Primal but without Avatar effect
Primal Velium Battlehammer 1HB 13dmg 20dly || AC17 +8str/dex/sta/cha/wis/int/agi +75hp/mana +8sv all Effect:Avatar || Class:war/clr/pal/rng/shd/dru/mnk/brd/rog/shm Race:all
Primal Velium Fist Wraps 1HB 15dmg 20dly || AC17 +8str/dex/sta/cha/wis/int/agi +75hp/mana +8sv all Effect:Avatar || Class:mnk Race:hum/iks
Primal Velium Battle Axe 2HS 45dmg 44dly || AC17 +8str/dex/sta/cha/wis/int/agi +75hp/mana +8sv all Effect:Avatar  || Class:war/pa/rng/shd Race:all
Primal Velium Brawl Stick 2HB  45dmg 44dly || AC17 +8str/dex/sta/cha/wis/int/agi +75hp/mana +8vs all Effect:Avatar || Class:war/clr/pal/rng/shd/dru/mnk/shm/nec/wiz/mag/enc/bst Race:all
Primal Velium Warsword 1HS 13dmg 20dly || AC10 +5str/dex/sta/cha/int/agi +50hp/mana +5vs all Effect:Avatar || Class:war/pal/rng/shd/brd/rog Race:all
Primal Velium Knight's Sword 1HS 20dmg 20dly || AC5 +5str/dex/sta/cha/wis/int/agi +25hp/mana +5vs all Effect:Avatar || Class:pal/shd Race:all
Primal Velium Claidhmore 2HS 45dmg 44dly || AC17 +8str/dex/sta/cha/wis/int/agi +75hp/mana +8vs all Effect:Avatar  || Class:war/pa/rng/shd Race:all
Primal Velium Spear 1HB 13dmg 20dly || AC10 +5str/dex/sta/cha/wis/int/agi +50hp/mana +5vs all Effect:Avatar || Class:war/rng/shd/brd/rog Race:all
Primal Velium War Lance 2HPiercing 45dmg 44dly || AC17 +8str/dex/sta/cha/wis/int/agi +75hp/mana +8vs all Effect:Avatar || Class:war/pal/shd Race:all
Primal Velium Reinforced Bow 33dmg 35dly || AC10 +5str/dex/sta/cha/wis/int/agi +50hp/mana +5vs all Effect:Avatar || Class:war/pal/rng/shd/rog Race:all
Priceless Velium Reinforced Bow 33dmg 35dly || AC10 +5str/dex/sta/cha/wis/int/agi +50hp/mana +5vs all || Class:war/pal/rng/shd/rog Race:all
*Temple Arms For Quest Armor
  of Veeshan Chest (Silk/Plate,Chain,Leather) For Quest Armor
Feet For Quest Armor
Hand For Quest Armor
Head For Quest Armor
Leg (Silk/Plate,Chain,Leather) For Quest Armor
  Wrist For Quest Armor
Barrier of Sound AC40 +60hp/mana +15vs all || Class:nec/wiz/mag/enc Race:all
Bow of the Silver Fang 34dmg 44dly || AC10 +50hp/mana || Class:rng Race:all
Melodic Charm AC30 +9str/cha +5dex/agi +8vs all || Class:brd Race:all
Ring of Superiority AC7 +7str/dex/sta/cha/wis/int/agi +35hp/mana +5vs all || all/all
Runed Fang Necklace AC15 +50hp +7vs all || Class:war Race:all
Shadow Fang Necklace AC15 +10str +7dex/agi +75hp +8vs all || Class:rog Race:all
Shield of Dragonkind AC40 +15wis +75hp/mana +7vs all || Class:clr Race:all
Shield of Fury AC40 +10str +15int +75hp +5vs all || Class:shd Race:all
Shield of the Protector AC40 +10str +15wis +75hp +5vs all || Class:pal Race:all
Shield of Thorns AC33 +12wis +50hp +20mana +5vs all || Class:dru Race:all
Shield of the Wurms AC40 +15wis +30hp +70mana +7vs all || Class:shm Race:all
Silent Fang Necklace AC20 +10str/dex/agi +75hp +5vs all || Class:mnk Race:all
ROK DRAGONS Blight, Hammer of the Scourge 2HB  23dmg 47dly || +9sta/wis/int +10dr Effect:Scourge || Class:shm Race:bar/trl/ogr
*Talendor Cloak of Flames AC10 +9dex/agi +50hp +15fr Effect:Haste || all/all
*Severilous Crystalline Spear Piercing 13dmg 30dly || Class:war/rng/brd/rog Race:all
*Faydedar Dragon Bone Bracelet AC4 +7str/agi || Class:war/pa/rng/shd/mnk/brd/rog Race:all
*Gorenaire Dragon Hero Bracer AC11 +10str +5agi +5dr/pr +10mr || Class:war/clr/pal/rng/shd/mnk/brd/rog/shm Race:all
Gauntlets of Fiery Might AC10 +7str/dex/sta +7dr/pr || Class:war/pal/rng/shd/mnk/brd/rog Race:all
Gold Plated Koshigatana Piercing 9dmg 25dly || Effect:Dismiss Summoned || Class:war/rng/shd/brd/rog/nec/wiz/mag/enc Race:all
Heirophant's Crook 2HB  20dmg 44dly || +9str/dex/wis Effect:Earthquake || Class:dru Race:hum/elf/hef/hfl
Kavruul's Mystic Pouch nventory Container Capacity:10 || 100% weight reduction || Class:all
McVaxius' Horn of War || +9dex/int +15cha || Class:brd Race:all
Orb of Tishan 1HB 7dmg 25dly || +9str/sta +35mana Effect:Tashania || Class:brd/nec/wiz/mag/enc Race:all
Prayers of Life Expendable || Effect:Word of Healing  Charges:5 || all/all
Runed Bolster Belt AC5 +10str/dex/sta Effect:Haste || all/all
Selo's Drums of the March || Class:brd Race:all
Shield of the Green Dragon AC25 +10str/cha -5agi +5cr/fr/mr +30dr/pr || Class:war/clr/pal/rng/shd/dru/brd/rog/shm Race:all
Shield of the Red Dragon AC25 +10str/cha -5agi +5cr/dr/mr/pr +40fr || Class:war/clr/pal/rng/shd/dru/brd/rog/shm Race:all
Shield of the White Dragon AC25 +10str/cha -5agi +5dr/fr/mr/pr +40cr || Class:war/clr/pal/rng/shd/dru/brd/rog/shm Race:all
Staff of Forbidden Rites 2HB  25dmg 50dly || +9wis +50hp/mana Effect:Resurrection || Class:clr/pal/dru/shm Race:all
Tobrin's Mystical Eyepatch +15wis/int Effect:See Invisible || all/all
Warhammer of Divine Grace 2HB  18dmg 39dly || Effect:Yaulp III || Class:clr Race:all
Dragon Scale Quest Item
Dragon Tooth Expendable || Effect:Invoke Death || all/all
Treasure Hunters Satchel Inventory Container Capacity:10 || 100% weight reduction || Class:all
Servitor of Luclin Lurid Daggar 12dmg 20dly || +5dex/str/agi Effect:Shadow Creep || Class:war/pal/rng/shd/brd/rog/nec/wiz/enc/mag Race:all
Mask of Pulchritude AC20 +40cha +15int +25mana Skill Modifier: +15% Alteration || all/all
Spined Chain Mail AC35 +5str/dex/sta/agi +20hp Effect:Bramblecoat || Class:war/clr/pal/rng/shd/brd/rog/shm Race:all
Wand of Musing 1HB 10dmg 20dly || +20int +100mana Effect:Flowing Thought 1 || Class:nec/wiz/mag/enc Race:hum/eru/hie/def/gnm/iks
Sevalak Axe of Resistance 1HS 15dmg 24dly || AC20 +20vs all || Class:war/pal/rng/shd/brd/rog Race:all
Great Spear of Dawn 2HPiercing 53dmg 46dly || AC25 +10str/sta +15mr Effect:Dawncall || Class:pal/shd Race:all
Shield of Midnight AC55 +20str/wis +50hp || Class:shd Race:all
Shield of the Dawn AC55 +20str/wis +50hp || Class:pal Race:all
Shei Vinitras Akhevan Shadow Sheers Piercing 2dmg 40dly || AC15 +10str/sta/wis/int +50hp/mana Skill Modifier: +15% Tailoring || all/all
  Crys`Va Mask AC10 +20dex +25sta +15agi +90hp/mana +8sv all Effect:Truesight || Class:war/pal/rng/shd/mnk/brd/rog/bst Race:all
  Ebony Armguards AC40 +15str +10dex/agi +85hp +70mana +5cr/fr/mr/pr +10dr || Class:war/clr/pal/shd/brd Race:all
  Flowing Gossamer Cloak AC15 +8str/int +6sta +10agi +80hp +100mana +10dr/fr Effect:Levitation || Class:nec/wiz/mag/enc Race:all
  Frizznik's Robe of Tinkering AC20 +15cha/int Skill Modifier: +10% Tinkering Class:war/clr/pal/shd/rog/nec/wiz/mag/enc Race:gnm
  Ishnaear Xiall 15dmg 20dly || +25str +15dex +100hp Effect:Lifedraw || Class:war/pal/shd/rng/brd/rog/shm Race:all
Leggings of Serenity AC20 +10str/wis +15agi +100hp +70mana +5dr +15mr/pr || Class:war/rng/dru/mnk/rog/shm/bst Race:All
Shadowed Storm Sphere Held/Range/|| +15str/sta/cha/wis +50hp/mana +10sv all Skill Modifier: +10% Abjure Effect:Boon of Recovery || Class:clr/dru/shm Race:all
  Shadowed Torment 2HS 46dmg +2Magic dmg +3Greater Akheva, Akheva dmg 44dly || +12str/dex/wis/int +8sta +50hp +25mana +8sv all Skill Modifier: +3% 2HS || Class:war/pal/rng/shd Race:all
Shadowsong Cloak AC30 +25str/dex/agi +50mana +5sv all Effect:Harmonize || Class:brd Race:hum/elf/hef/vah
Silverwing Blued Flower Katana 1HS 13dmg 25dly || +5str +10dex/sta || Class:war/rng/brd/rog Race:all
Dragon Claw Main Gauche Piercing 10dmg 19dly || AC15 || Class:war/rng/shd/brd/rog Race:all
Dragon Spine Staff 2HB  8dmg 20dly || +14wis +65mana Effect:Bolt of Karana || Class:dru Race:all
Executioner's Blade 2HS 42dmg 50dly || +5str -5cha || Class:war/shd Race:all
Hammer of the Dragonborn 2HB  18dmg 36dly || +6str/sta +12wis +60mana Effect:Primal Essence || Class:shm Race:all
Lyran's Mystical Lute || +10str/dex/int +15cha || Class:brd Race:all
Robe of Smothering AC14 +10sta +13int +60mana Effect: Gasping Embrace || Class:enc Race:all
Runestone Maul 2HB  32dmg 38dly || +5str/wis/int || Class:war/pal/shd/mnk Race:all
Shissar Sťance Staff 2HB  19dmg 43dly || +10int +25hp +65mana Effect:Soul Well || Class:nec Race:all
Statue Breastplate of Eradication AC55 +10str/cha +15dex/agi +20sta +100hp +8vs all || Class:war/pal/shd/brd Race:all
of Rallos Zek Cloak of the Falling Stars AC20 +9str +11dex/agi +100hp +10fr/mr || Class:mnk/brd/rog Race:all
Hammer of Battle 1HB 17dmg 25dly || +10str +5dex/agi +75hp || Class:war/pal/rng/shd/mnk/brd/rog Race:all
Iron Scroll of War Range/Expendable || AC35 +10wis/int +50mana Effect:Supernova ||Class:clr/dru/shm/nec/wiz/mag/enc Race:all
Reaver 2HS 36dmg 40dly || +12vs all || Class:war/pal/shd Race:all
Swiftblade of Zek 1HS 11dmg 18dly || AC10 +10str +100hp +25mana || Class:war/pal/rng/shd/brd Race:all
Telkorenar Black Rock Maul of Crushing 1HB 23dmg 23dly || AC15 +15int +75hp/mana || Class:shd Race:all
Circlet of Suffering AC20 +7str/sta +100hp +50mana || all/all
Emerald Bastardsword of Purity 1HS 20dmg 24dly || AC40 +25dr || Class:pal Race:all
Lance of Thunder 2HPiercing 52dmg 46dly || +15wis/int +75hp +15mr || Class:pal/shd Race:all
Necklace of Nightstalking AC7 +7dex/agi +100hp || Class:shd/mnk/rog Race:all
Pauldrons of Blight Shoulders || AC20 +10str +5dex +35hp +3vs all || Class:war/clr/pal/shd/brd Race:all
Transparent Eyepatch AC15 +10dex +100mana || all/all
True Mithril Breastplate AC57 +10dex/sta +20agi +50hp +2vs all || Class:war/clr/pal/shd/brd Race:all
Thall Va Kelun Cloak of Frozen Flames AC15 +15int +125hp/mana +35cr/fr Skill Modifier: +1% Evocation Effect:Flowing Thought 4 || Class:nec/mag/enc/wiz Race:all
  Cloak of Maneuvering AC25 +15dex/agi +75hp/mana +12sv all Skill Modifier: +3% Dodge || all/all
  Earring of Falling Stars AC20 +15str +10sta +125hp +10sv all Effect:Vengeance || Class:mnk/brd/rog/bst Race:all
  Girdle of Focus +15str +25dex/agi +100hp Skill Modifier: +5% Throwing Effect:Aura of Battle || Class:mnk/brd/rog Race:all
  Gloves of Warding AC25 +125hp +15sv all Skill Modifier: +2% Parry Effect:Resistance to Magic || Class:war/pal/rng/shd/mnk/brd/rog/bst
Great Sword of Pestilence 2HS 1dmg +60 disease dmg 42dly || +25str/sta +125hp +50dr Effect:Insidious Malady || Class:war/pal/shd Race:all
Leggings of Fiery Might AC35 +7str/dex/wis/int/agi +125hp +30fr +7cr/dr/mr/pr Effect:Fiery Might || Class:war/clr/pal/rng/shd/mnk/brd/rog/shm/bst
Sanguine Gloves AC30 +15str +10dex/sta +100hp +7sv all Effect:Vengeance || Class:war/clr/pal/rng/shd/brd/rog/shm Race:all
Star Weave AC45 +10str/wis +75hp +125mana +7sv all Skill Modifier: +2% Evocation Effect:Starfire || Class:rng/dru Race:all
Trident of Slaughter Piercing 1dmg +1magic dmg +16 vs Greater Akheva 19dly || +25str/sta +125hp +25sv all Skill Modifier: +5% Backstab || Class:war/pal/rng/shd/brd/rog/shm Race:all
Thall Va Xakra Cap of the Silent Star AC35 +15str/dex/sta/cha/wis/int/agi +100hp/mana +5sv all || Class:nec/wiz/enc/mag Race:all
Cord of Midnight AC35 +10cha +50agi +75hp Effect:Haste || Class:rng/mnk/brd/rog/bst Race:all
Ring of Rage Finger || AC20 +7str +50hp/mana Effect:Vengeance || all/all
Shaded Turban AC25 +25dex +50hp/mana +7sv all || all/all
Shadow Footpads AC30 +7str/dex/sta/cha/wis/int/agi +50hp/mana +5sv all Effect:Haste || Class:rng/mnk/brd/rog/bst Race:all
Steel Skin Armplates AC35 +25str +7sta +50hp +7mr || Class:war/clr/pal/shd/brd Race:all
Thall Xundraux Breastplate of Speed AC60 +10sta +15agi +125hp Skill Modifier: +1% Dodge Effect:Haste || Class:war/pal/clr/shd/brd Race:all
Diabo Cord of Insight Wrist/AC15 +7int +75hp/mana Effect:Flowing Thought 1 || Class:nec/wiz/mag/enc Race:all
  Great Bow of Slaughter 1dmg +22dmg vs Greater Akheva 35dly || AC25 +15str +125hp || Class:war/rng/rog Race:all
  Mask of Resiliance AC15 +5str/dex/sta/cha/wis/int/agi/ +75hp/mana +15sv all || all/all
Thought Horror Ancient Gladius 1HS 21dmg +3 undead dmg 20dly +5sta/int +10wis +25hp/mana +10dr/pr || Class:pal/shd Race:all
Overfiend Belt of Marvelous Visions AC30 +10str +20dex +20agi Effect:Marvelous Visions || all/all
  Elnerick's Electrical Rending
  Helm of Grim Blessings AC35 +10str/dex/agi +20hp/mana +25cr Effect: Flowing Thought 3 || Class:pal/shd/rng/bst Race:hum/eru/hie/def/hef/dwf/trl/ogr/iks/vah
  Horns of Chaos H2H14dam 18dly || +8dex +100hp/mana Effect:Claw of Khati Sha || Class:mnk/bst Race:hum/bar//trl/ogr/iks/vah
Orb of Lost Souls Held/AC15 +5str +10sta/cha/int +25hp/mana +10sv all Skill Modifier: +5% Alteration Effect:Boon of Recovery || Class:nec/wiz/mag/enc Race:all
Sceptre of Channeled Lightning 1HB 25dmg 27dly || +10dex/int +50hp/mana +10cf/fr/mr Effect:Storm of Lightning || Class:wiz Race:all
Tor Vignus Piercing 15dmg 21dly || +5str/dex/sta +25hp +10dr/pr Skill Modifier: +7% Piercing || Class:rog Race:all
Veil of Hidden Thought AC15 +10wis/int +25mana +10cr/dr Effect:Flowing Thought 2 || Class:nec/wiz/mag/enc Race:hum/eru/hie/def/gnm/iks
Winterstorm Piercing 22dmg 23dly || +10sta/wis +50hp/mana +10cr/fr/mr Effect:Wintercall || Class:shm Race:all
Trakanon Blood Ember Breastplate AC40 +12str +8dex/sta/agi Effect:Major Shielding || Class:shd Race:hum/bar/eru/elf/hie/def/hef/dwf/trl/ogr/hfl/gnm
Cloak of Piety AC12 +12str/wis/int +10fr/mr Effect:Haste || all/all
Cobalt Breastplate AC45 +12str/dex/sta +50hp Effect:Invigorate || Class:war Race:hum/bar/eru/elf/hie/def/hef/dwf/trl/ogr/hfl/gnm
Deepwater Breastplate AC40 +10str/wis/agi +50mana Effect:Symbol of Pinzarn || Class:pal Race:hum/bar/eru/elf/hie/def/hef/dwf/trl/ogr/hfl/gnm
Donal's Chestplate of Mourning AC40 +12dex/wis/agi +80mana Effect:Complete Healing || Class:clr Race:hum/bar/eru/elf/hie/def/hef/dwf/trl/ogr/hfl/gnm
Elder Spiritist's Breastplate AC17 +6dex/agi +9wis +80mana Effect:Chloroplast || Class:dru Race:hum/bar/eru/elf/hie/def/hef/dwf/trl/ogr/hfl/gnm
Jaundiced Bone Breastplate AC35 +10wis/agi +20hp +80mana Effect:Bramblecoat || Class:shm Race:hum/bar/eru/elf/hie/def/hef/dwf/trl/ogr/hfl/gnm
Manna Robe AC14 +8int Effect:Mana Conversion || Class:nec/wiz/mag/enc Race:all
Mryolkar's Breastplate AC35 +10str/dex/sta/agi +5cha +10wis/int +50hp Effect:Invigorate || Class:rog Race:hum/bar/eru/elf/hie/def/hef/dwf/trl/ogr/hfl/gnm
Poisoned Mantle Shoulders || AC15 +7str/dex/sta/agi -15pr || Class:war/clr/pal/rng/shd/mnk/brd/rog/shm Race:hum/iks
Singing Steel Breastplate AC40 +10str/dex/cha/agi Effect:Invigorate || Class:brd Race:hum/bar/eru/elf/hie/def/hef/dwf/trl/ogr/hfl/gnm
Trakanon's Tooth Quest item for Veeshan's Peek Key
Tolan's Darkwood Breastplate AC35 +10str/dex/wis/agi Effect:Ring of Faydark || Class:rng Race:hum/elf/hef
Wild Lord's Tunic AC14 +5str/dex/agi +8sta +9wis +60hp +20mana Effect:Bramblecoat || Class:bst Race:bar/trl/ogr/iks/vah
Tukaarak Dainty Gloves AC7 +20cha +10int +30mana || Class:brd/enc Race:hum/eru/hie/def/gnm
the Warder Blue Resistance Stone AC1 +1str/dex/sta/cha/wis/int/agi +35cr || all/all
Staff of Morning Dew 1HB 4dmg 12dly || +10sta +25int +100mana +10vs all || Class:nec/wiz/mag/enc Race:hum/ery/gue/def/gnm/iks
Mask of Tinkering AC4 +13cha +7mr Effect:Illusion Gnome || Class:brd/rog Race:hum/bar/elf/def/hef/dwf/hfl/gnm
Tunare Essence of Nature II AC10 +15cha/int +50hp +100mana +12fr/dr/pr Effect: Flowing Thought V II Class:nec/wiz/enc/mag Race:all
  Fist of Nature 15dmg 18dly || AC15 +5str +15sta +100hp +10cr/fr +7dr/mr/pr Effect: Engulfing Roots || Class:mnk Race:hum/iks
  Girdle of Living Thorns Waist II AC20 +15dex/sta/agi +100hp/mana +15dr/fr/pr Effect:Spikecoat II all/all
  Golden Leaf Earring Ear II AC10 +10str +10sta +15wis +12dr/fr/pr +80hp +100mana Effect: Flowing Thought 3 II Class:clr/dru/shm Race:all
  Locke of Golden Hair 1HS 15dmg 21dly II +5str/sta/wis/int/agi +50hp/mana Effect:Swarming Pain Class:war/pal/rng/shd/brd/rog Race:all
  Massive Heartwood Thorn Piercing 15dam 20dly II AC10 +15dex/sta/agi +75hp +10cr/fr/dr Skill Modifier: +10% Backstab Effect:Combust II Class:rog Race:all
  Nature's Melody Piercing 15dam 19dly || AC20 +10str/cha +15sta +5agi +100hp +13cr/fr/mr Effect:Nature's Melody || Class:brd Race:all
  Petrified Heartwood Flambrenge 2HS 50dmg 39dly II AC40 +25str/sta/wis/int +100hp/mana +15cr/fr/mr Effect:Engulfing Roots II Class:pal/shd Race:all
  Sap Encrusted Branch 1HB 14dmg 19dly II AC5 +16sta +12/dr/fr/pr Effect:Ensnare II Class:clr/rng/dru/mnk/shm/bst Race:all
Va Xi Aten Ha Ra Bone Earring of Evasion +15str +25mr Skill Modifier: +1% Parry Effect:Invisibility Versus Undead || all/all
  Bone Necklace of Battle AC25 +80hp +7sv all Effect:Aura of Battle || all/all
  Cloudy Mark Wrist/AC30 +75hp/mana Effect:Aura of Battle || Class:war/pal/rng/shd/mnk/brd/rog/bst Race:all
  Cloudy Steel Mask +15sta +125hp +5sv all Effect:Invisibility || Class:war/clr/pal/shd/brd Race:all
  Crimson Headband AC10 +20str +35fr Effect:Aura of Red Petals || all/all
  Dark Hand Wraps +35str Skill Modifier: +3% H2HEffect:Vengeance || all/all
  Eye of Darkness AC20 +75hp +15dr +35mr Effect:Truesight || all/all
  Great Sword of Slaughter 2HS 10dmg +5magic dmg +55 dmg vs Greater Akheva 50dly || +30str/dex/sta/agi +125hp/mana +25sv all || Class:war/pal/shd Race:all
  Lunar Fungus Covered Tunic AC25 +100hp Effect:Fungal Regrowth || Class:war/pal/rng/shd/mnk/brd/rog/bst Race:all
  Necklace of Endless Concepts AC10 +10wis/int +50hp/mana +7sv all Effect:Flowing Thought 5 || all/all
  Pearls of the Frozen Wind Neck/Wrist/AC10 +10cha +50hp/mana +35cr Effect:Aura of White Petals || all/all
  Sanguine Robe AC55 +25sta +125hp +15sv all Effect:Aura of Battle || Class:nec/wiz/mag/enc Race:all
  Umbracite Hoop Ear/AC10 +7wis/int +125mana Skill Modifier: +1% Channeling Effect:Flowing Thought 1 || Class:clr/dru/shm/enc/mag/nec/wiz Race:all
Velketor Bone Bracelet of Condemnation AC10 +5str +10cha +9int +35hp +45mana Effect:Ignite Bones || Class:nec Race:all
the Sorceror Bone Ring of Condemnation AC10 +5int +70hp Effect:Siphon Life || Class:nec Race:all
Boots of Bladecalling AC10 +9sta +12int +55mana +10mr Effect:Shock of Swords || Class:mag Race:all
Bracelet of Frostbite +30hp +9cr || Class:nec/wiz/mag/enc Race:all
Crystal Crown of Confusion AC10 +25cha +9int +45mana Effect:Color Skew || Class:enc Race:all
Crystal Rod of Confusion Range/AC15 +10cha/int +35mana +4vs all Effect:Color Shift || Class:enc Race:all
Gloves of Bladecalling AC2  +3sta/int +10mana Effect:Sword of Runes || Class:mag Race:all
Shield of the Freezing Winds AC28 +5sta +60hp || Class:war/clr/pal/shd Race:all
Silver Sword of Yalrek 1HS 13dmg 24dly || +15fr || Class:war/pal/rng/shd/dru/rog Race:all
Snow Storm Mask AC7 +4str +9cr Effect:Heat Sight || Class:war/clr/pal/rng/shd/dru/mnk/brd/rog/shm Race:all
Velkator's Spell Book || +5sta/cha +8int +100mana +10fr/cr +5dr/pr +20mr || Class:nec/wiz/mag/enc Race:hum/eru/hie/def/gnm/iks
Vermillion Orb of Torrefaction AC15 +10int +35mana Effect:Inferno Shock || Class:wiz Race:all
Vermillion Robe of Torrefaction AC15 +10int +40hp +75mana +25fr Effect:Conflagration || Class:wiz Race:all
Venril Sathir Ancient Shissar Gauntlets AC15 +10str/sta +20int +12dr/pr || Class:nec/wiz/mag/enc Race:all
Blood Ember Greaves AC26 +7str/int +25hp Effect:Feign Death || Class:shd Race:hum/bar/eru/elf/hie/def/hef/dwf/trl/ogr/hfl/gnm
Cobalt Greaves AC35 +8str/dex/sta Effect:Invisibility || Class:war Race:hum/bar/eru/elf/hie/def/hef/dwf/trl/ogr/hfl/gnm
Diamond Encrusted Staff 2HB  12dmg 36dly || +12int +50mana Effect:Elemental Armor || Class:wiz Race:all
Donal's Leggings of Mourning AC26 +8str/sta/wiz +30hp/mana Effect:Symbol of Naltron || Class:clr Race:hum/bar/eru/elf/hie/def/hef/dwf/trl/ogr/hfl/gnm
Elder Spiritist's Greaves AC10 +6str/wis +55mana Effect:Skin Like Diamond || Class:dru Race:hum/bar/eru/elf/hie/def/hef/dwf/trl/ogr/hfl/gnm
Gnarled Staff 2HB  10dmg 30dly || +15int +15hp +45mana +20cr +25mr || Class:wiz Race:hum/eru/hie/def/gnm
Jaundiced Bone Greaves AC24 +8str/dex/wis +75mana Effect:Health || Class:shm Race:hum/bar/eru/elf/hie/def/hef/dwf/trl/ogr/hfl/gnm
Lycanthropic Staff 2HB  12dmg 40dly || Effect:Form of the Great Wolf || Class:dru Race:all
Mrylokar's Greaves AC24 +5str +10dex/agi +50mana Effect:Invigor || Class:rog Race:hum/bar/eru/elf/hie/def/hef/dwf/trl/ogr/hfl/gnm
Shissar Guardian Staff 2HB  8dmg 20dly || Effect:Phantom Plate || Class:mag Race:all
Shissar Nullifier Staff 2HB  11dmg 24dly || AC4 +10int +50mana Effect:Tashania || Class:enc Race:all
Singing Steel Greaves AC24 +8str/dex/cha/agi Effect:Summon Food || Class:brd Race:hum/bar/eru/elf/hie/def/hef/dwf/trl/ogr/hfl/gnm
Tolan's Darkwood Greaves AC24 +8str/dex/wis/agi Effect:Cancel Magic || Class:rng Race:hum/bar/eru/elf/hie/def/hef/dwf/trl/ogr/hfl/gnm
Ventani Green Resistance Stone AC1 +1str/dex/sta/cha/wis/int/agi +35pr || all/all
the Warder Salindrite Dagger Piercing 13dmg 18dly || +10str/sta +50hp +5vs all Effect:Thunder Strike || Class:rng/brd/rog Race:hum/bar/elf/def/hef/dwf/hfl/gnm
Shroud of Longevity AC20 +15str/agi +20sta +100hp 10vs all Effect: Fungal Regrowth || Class:mnk Race:hum/iks
Shield of the Clawed Guardian Back/AC30 +10str/sta +5wis/int +25hp/mana +8fr/cr +4dr/pr +12mr || Class:pal/shd Race:hum/eru/hie/def/hef/dwf/trl/ogr/iks/vah
Vulak'Aerr Abashi's Rod of Disempowerment 2HB  40dmg 30dly || +15str/dex/sta/int/agi +100hp +50mana +15cr/dr/fr/mr/pr Effect:Abolish Enchantment || Class:mnk/nec Race:all
Akkirus's Mask of Warfare AC30 +10str/dex/sta/cha/wis/int/agi +100hp/mana +8vs all || all/all
Brother Xave's Headband AC45 +15str +10dex/sta/agi +75hp +15vs all Effect:Haste || Class:mnk Race:hum/iks
Camii's Bracer of Vigor AC35 +15str/wis/int +20sta +50hp/mana +5vs all Effect:Invigor || all/all
Crystasia's Crystal Ring AC30 +100hp/mana +10vs all || all/all
Do'Vassirs Gauntlets of Might AC40 +20str +15dex/sta/cha/wis/int/agi +100hp/mana +10vs all || Class:war/clr/pal/rng/shd/dru/mnk/brd/rog/shm Race:all
Feeliux's Cord of Velocity AC30 +25str/dex/agi +20sta +100hp Effect:Haste || Class:war/pal/rng/shd/mnk/brd/rog Race:all
Gharn's Rock of Smashing 1HB 16dmg 19dly || +7str/dex/agi +25sta +100hp +10fr/cr/mr +7dr/pr Effect:Strike of the Chose || Class:mnk/bst Race:hum/iks
Hobart's War Helmet AC50 +10str/wis/int +70hp/mana +8vs all || Class:war/clr/pal/rng/shd/brd/rog/shm Race:all
Jaelen's Katana 1HS 14dmg 19dly || +15str +25sta +100hp +10vs all Effect:Strike of the Chosen || Class:war Race:all
Kelciferous' Armband of Artistry AC45 +10str +15dex/sta/cha/int +40mana +7vs all || Class:shd/brd/nec/wiz/mag/enc Race:all
Maclaer's Boots of Silence AC40 +15str/sta +25dex +10vs all || Class:war/clr/pal/rng/shd/brd/rog/shm Race:all
Mrylokar's Dagger of Vengence Range/Piercing 15dmg 19dly || AC15 +15str +10dex +5 sta +10agi +100hp +10vs all Skill Modifier: +12% Backstab Effect:Feast of Blood || Class:rog Race:all
Palladius's Axe of Slaughter 2HS 51dmg 42dly || AC80 +25str/dex/sta/agi +100hp +50mana +10vs all Effect:Strike of the Chosen || Class:war/pal/shd Race:all
Rowyl's Metal Armguards AC45 +5str +15wis +75mana +15vs all || Class:dru/clr/shm Race:all
Sal'Varae's Robe of Darkness AC60 +15str/dex +25sta/cha/wis/int/agi +100hp/mana +15vs all Effect:Flowing Thought 3 || Class:clr/nec/wiz/mag/enc Race:hum/eru/hie/def/gnm/iks
Sirran's Boots of Insanity AC20 +14sta/wis/int +100hp/mana +10vs all || Class:clr/dru/shm/nec/wiz/mag/enc Race:all
Solists Earring of Insight AC25 +15int +90hp/mana +4vs all || Class:nec/wiz/mag/enc Race:all
Ssras Bloodstone Eyepatch AC35 +10str +15wis/int +75hp/mana +8vs all Effect:Truesight || all/all
Tolan's Longsword of the Glade 1HS 15dmg 21dly || AC15 +10str +15wis/agi/dex +100hp +7vs all Effect:Blessing of the Grove || Class:rng Race:all
Viik's Pauldrons of Pain Shoulders || AC38 +15str +10sta +75hp +12vs all || all/all
Valtron's Necklace of Wonder AC35 +15str/dex/agi +100hp +15vs all || all/all
Vyrinn's Earring of Insanity AC25 +15str +12sta +50hp +5vs all || all/all
Yakatizma's Shield of Crafting AC75 +15str/sta/wis +100hp/mana +15vs all || Class:clr/shm Race:all
Vyzh'dra the Exiled Band of Disrupted Auras AC8 +10dex +5sta/agi +75hp +25mana +6sv all Effect:Heat Sight || Class:war/pal/rng/shd/mnk/brd/rog/bst Race:all
  Blasphemous Blade of the Exiled 1HS 13dmg +1 disease dmg 17dly || AC10 +20str/sta +50hp Effect:Sanity Warp || Class:war Race:hum/bar/elf/def/hef/dwf/trl/ogr/hfl/gnm/iks/vah
  Blazing Rapier Piercing 17dmg 20dly || AC15 +10str +15dex +10sta +10cha +75hp/mana +20mr Effect:Burning Pain || Class:brd Race:all
  Elphorn's Cleaver 1HS 13dmg 17dly || AC15 +16sta +10dex +5wis +50hp +20mr Effect:Fungal Vengence || Class:war/rng/brd/rog
Fist of Mithril H2H16dmg 22dly || AC10 +10str +10sta +90hp +10dr/pr Effect:Claw of Bestial Fury || Class:mnk/bst Race:hum/bar/trl/ogr/iks/vah
Geomantic Focus AC10 +15cha/int +5wis +25hp +100mana +6sv all Effect:Flowing Thought 3 || Class:clr/shm/dru/nec/wiz/mag/enc Race:all
  Gleaming Serpent Tooth Choker AC15 +8str/dex/sta/agi +65hp/mana +5cr/mr/pr +15dr/fr || Class:war/pal/rng/shd/mnk/brd/rog/bst Race:all
  Jade Skull Ring AC7 +10wis/int +50hp/mana +3cr/dr/fr/pr +6mr Effect:Annul Magic || Class:clr/dru/shm/nec/wiz/mag/enc Race:all
Memory 1HB 23dmg 25dly || AC15 +15cha/int/agi +75hp/mana +10dr/pr +35mr Effect:Memory Flux || Class:enc Race:all
Rancorous Skull of Szaldrezh 1HB 21dmg+2 disease dmg 21dly || AC25 +15int +100hp/mana || Class:pal/shd Race:all
Scepter of Paralysis 23dmg 24dly || AC15 +15dex/int +5sta +75hp/mana +20dr/pr Effect:Paralyzing Curse Class:nec Race:all
Scorched Silver Pauldrons Shoulders || AC15 +8str/wis/int +55hp +25mana +5dr/mr/pr +15fr || Class:war/pal/rng/shd/mnk/brd/rog/bst Race:all
Shroud of Unholiness AC10 +6dex/sta +9wis/int +50hp/mana +5sv all Effect:Flowing Thought 1 || Class:clr/dru/shm/nec/wiz/mag/enc Race:all
Windspeeder Piercing 14dmg 18dly || +12sta +10agi/cha/int +50hp/mana +10mr Effect:Haste || Class:war/rng/brd/rog Race:all
Vyzh'dra the Cursed Black Runed Pants AC13 +10dex/agi +5sta/wis/int +85hp/mana +5dr/pr +15cr/fr || Class:clr/dru/shm/nec/wiz/mag/enc Race:all
  Bloodfrenzy 1HS 16dmg 20dly || AC25 +15str/dex/agi/sta +125hp +20mr +7cr/dr/fr/pr Skill Modifier +15% Riposte Effect:Enraging Blow || Class:war Race:all
  Breastplate of the Void AC65 +25str/sta +8dex/wis/int/agi +110hp +8sv all Effect:Heart of the Void || Class:war/pal/shd/brd Race:all
  Circle of Smoke Hands/AC20 +10str +8sta +12wis/int +100hp/mana +15cr/dr/fr/pr +25mr Effect:Gate || Class:clr/dru/shm/mag/wiz/enc/nec Race:all
  Claw of Vyzh`dra Hands/1HS 16dmg 20dly || AC25 +10dex/sta/agi +100hp +75mana +5dr/pr +10mr +15cr/fr Effect:Flowing Thought 4|| Class:rng Race:hum/elf/hef/hfl
  Cloak of Dark Shadows AC20 +12str +20dex +10sta +110hp +80mana +10cr/fr/mr/pr +25dr Effect:Deadeye || Class:war/pal/rng/shd/mnk/brd/rog/bst Race:all
  Cloak of Mourning AC25 +15str +20wis +100hp +75mana +10sv all Effect:Flowing Thought 4 || Class:clr/dru/shm Race:all
  Crystalized Serpent Eye AC25 +12str/sta/agi +110hp +50mana +15cr/dr/fr/mr Effect:Thorny Shield || Class:war/pal/rng/shd/mnk/brd/rog/bst Race:all
  Goldenrod 2HB  40dmg +3 disease dmg 32dly || AC15 +5dex/agi +15sta/wis/int +125hp/mana +7sv all Effect:Spirit Leech || Class:pal/shd Race:all
  Khalshazar Piercing 16dmg 20dly || AC15 +20str +10dex/agi +5sta +125hp Skill Modifier +15% Backstab Effect:Khalshazar's Deceit || Class:rog Race:all
Nocnivin's Small Book of Logic AC15 +11wis/int +100hp +100mana +15sv all Effect:Flowing Thought 4 || Class:clr/pal/rng/shd/dru/shm/nec/wiz/mag/enc/bst Race:all
Opaline Charm Neck/AC12 +15dex +10cha/int +100hp/mana +9sv all Effect:Gather Shadows || Class:enc/mag/nec/wiz Race:all
Savage Lord's Knuckle Dusters H2H13dmg 16dly || AC15 +15wis +75hp +100mana +15fr/mr Effect:Claw of Khati Sha || Class:bst/mnk Race:all
Vengful Mail of the Void AC55 +8str/cha/agi/wis +25dex/sta +100hp +75mana +12dr/pr +5cr/fr/mr Effect:Heart of the Void || Class:rng/rog/shm Race:all
Vyzh'dra's Render of Souls 1HS 17dmg +4 disease dmg 24dly || AC25 +20str +15dex/wis/int/agi +25sta +100hp +80mana +10dr/pr Effect:Soul Leech || Class:war/rng/brd/rog Race:all
Wistful Tunic of the Void AC32 +8str/dex +25sta/agi +15wis +100hp +75mana +15cr/fr/mr Effect:Heart of the Void || Class:dru/mnk/bst Race:all
Wuoshi Crescent Blades of Luclin Piercing 10dmg 18dly II +10mr Effect: Shadow II Class:war/rng/shd/brd/rog Race:all
Emerald Dragon Scales Quest
Scimitar of the Emerald Dawn 1HS 20dmg 34dly II +100mana +20dr/pr II Class:war/rng/shd/brd/rog/dru/pal Race:all
Skydarkener 28dam 44delay II +5dex +5wis +40mana Effect:Lightning Strike II Class:pal/rng/shd Race:all
Tanglewood Shield II AC25 +10str +14wis +10agi Effect:Ensnare II Class:rng/dru Race:hum/elf/hef/hfl
Xerkizh the Creator Adamantite Wristguard AC29 +15str +7sta +8agi +85hp +75mana +10dr/fr/mr || Class:war/clr/pal/shd/brd Race:all
  Blade of Angels 2HS 50dmg 42dly || +5dex/sta/wis +10int +100hp/mana +20mr Effect:Wrathful Strike || Class:pal/shd Race:all
  Bonechiller 1HS 14dmg 17dly || AC15 +20sta +15agi +75hp Effect:Frostcall || Class:war/rng/brd/rog Race:all
  Crudgel of Cowardly Death 2HB  39dmg 32dly || +10sta +8int +100hp/mana +10cr/fr/mr Effect:Spirit Leech || Class:shd Race:all
  Daggar of Entrapment Piercing 21dmg 23dly || AC15 +15dex/int +5sta +50hp/mana +10dr/pr Effect:Atol's Spectral Shackles || Class:wiz Race:all
  Glowing Mithril Ulak H2H17dmg 20dly || +15str +10dex/sta +15wis +100hp +100mana +15mr Effect: Claw of Khati Sha || Class:mnk/bst Race:hum/bar/trl/ogr/iks/vah
Grey Dusted Wraps Wrist/AC13 +10dex/sta/int +80hp/mana +6sv all Effect:Flowing Thought 1 || Class:nec/enc/mag/wiz Race:all
Hammer of the Ironfrost 1HB 13dmg 18dly || AC20 +15str/sta +5wis/int +100hp/mana Skill Modifier: +5% Blacksmithing || all/all
Harnessed Flame Dirk Piercing 22dmg 24dly || AC15 +5dex +15sta/int +75hp/mana +10dr/pr Effect:Unity of Fire Class:mag Race:all
Hategiver 1HB 15dmg 19dly || AC25 +10str/dex/agi +15sta +85hp +10dr/pr Effect:Enraging Blow || Class:war Race:all
Headband of Many Visions AC20 +100hp +25sv all Effect:Deadeye || Class:mnk Race:hum/iks
Mournfollow 2HB  48dmg 40dly || +10sta +8wis +100hp/mana +10cr/fr/mr Effect:Knight's Blessing || Class:pal Race:all
Shield of the Creator AC15 +50hp/mana +30cr/fr Effect:Flowing Thought 6 || Class:nec/wiz/mag/enc Race:hum/eru/hie/gnm
Shiny Trinket of Speed AC25 +15str +10dex/sta +75hp +4sv all Effect:Haste || Class:war/pal/rng/shd/mnk/brd/rog/bst Race:all
Singed Petrified Leaf +10str +5dex/sta/wis/int +70hp/mana +5cr +10pr +15mr || Class:clr/dru/shm/nec/wiz/mag/enc Race:all
Soft Scale Slippers AC18 +10str/dex +5sta/agi +70hp/mana +15dr/fr || Class:war/pal/rng/shd/mnk/brd/rog/bst Race:all
Willful Dirk of Domination Primary/Range Piercing 14dmg 16dly || +10cha +15int +12agi +25hp/mana +20mr Effect:Flowing Thought 2 || Class:wiz/mag/nec/enc Race:all
Xygoz Left Eye of Xygoz +12wis/int +80mana Effect:Ultravision || all/all
Malevolent Runeblade 1HS 13dmg 24dly || +10str/sta +5dex/agi Effect:Froglok Poison || Class:war/brd/rog Race:all
Razor Fang of Xygoz 1HS 14dmg 23dly || +10dex Effect:Blessing of Nature || Class:war/rng/shd/rog Race:all
Razor Sharp Short Sword 1HS 16dmg 26dly || +7str/dex || Class:rog Race:all
Smoldering Cudgel 1HB 18dmg 34dly || +12wis +50mana +25fr Effect:blaze || Class:war/clr/pal/rng/shd/dru/mnk/brd/rog/shm Race:all
Spear of Constriction Piercing 13dmg 23dly || +7str +11wis +60mana Effect:Ensnare || Class:war/rng/shm Race:all
Staff of Null 2HB 19dmg 34dly || +10str/cha +20int +85mana +10cr Effect:Cancel Magic || Class:mnk/nec/wiz/mag/enc Race:all
Ykeshan Broad Axe 2HS 34dmg 40dly || +3str +10wis/int Effect:Ykesha || Class:war/rng/shd Race:all
Zlandicar Cowl of Mortality AC16 +9sta +12agi +50hp +15dr Effect:Haste || all/all
Cracked Claw of Zlandicar 1HS 14dmg 25dly || Effect:Incapacitate || Class:war/pal/rng/shd/brd/rog Race:all
Dragonclaw Shard 1HS 24dmg 30dly || Class:pal/shd Race:hum/bar/eru/hie/def/hef/dwf/trl/ogr/iks
First Brood Talisman AC15 +5str/dex/sta/cha/wis/int/agi +50hp/mana +7vs all || all/all
Frakadar's Talisman Quest
Gauntlets of Mortality AC14 +15str +9dex -7sta -4cha -5vs all || all/all
Massive Dragonclaw Shard 1HS 24dmg 30dly || +3wis/int || Class:pal/shd Race:hum/bar/eru/hie/def/hef/dwf/trl/ogr/iks
Zlandicar's Heart || +1str/sta +2dex/wis +3agi +20int -10cha +5vs all Effect:Regeneration || Class:shd/nec/wiz/mag/enc Race:all
Zlandicar's Talisman AC10 +10str/int +9sta +5wis +3agi -7cha +60hp/mana +5fr/cr +6dr/pr +2mr || all/all
Zlexak Baton of Flame 1HB 13dmg 17dly || +20fr Effect:Flame of the Efreeti || Class:rng/mnk/brd/bst Race:all
Dragon Skin Bracelet AC25 +100hp +5vs all || Class:mnk Race:hum/iks
Dragonspine Rapier Piercing 14dmg 21dly II +10dex +10agi +20dr +30pr Effect: Kylie's Venom II Class:rog Race:all
Spinning Orb of Confusion Neck/Range/|| AC25 +15sta/cha/agi +25hp/mana Effect:Spin the Bottle || Class:all Range:all
Tvenken's Slippers of Silence AC20 +5sta +15wis/int +40hp +70mana +5mr || Class:clr/dru/shm/nec/wiz/mag/enc Race:all
Windraider's Belt AC35 +10str +7vs all Effect:Haste || all/all

Purloined from Kruull's EverQuest Guides Reference Page