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Kromrif Military Leggings



Minimum Level: 40

Soloable? Over 50, yes


This doesn't have to be done linearly. Vores the Hunter in Great Divide. Invis and run thru the wurm caves. He is to the south of the caves and to the west, which means turning right upon exiting. Watch out for the Young Shardwurms. He wants a Blood Wolf Harness and the Gem of Persuasion. The Blood Wolf Harness is dropped by Drakkel Blood Wolf in Great Divide, which spawns near the giant fort.


Then head to Thurgadin and to The Holy Harbinger, which is right near the Paladin guild and bank.

You say, 'hail Erdarf Restil'

Erdarf Restil says 'Huh? Dont you know better than to interrupt a Coldain enjoying his ale? I may be a user of priestly magic but that doesnt mean I cant bash your head in.

You say 'what user of priestly magic?'

Erdarf Restil says 'Aye. An old one not much taken with idle chit chat.

You say, 'what old one?'

Erdarf Restil says 'Very old, very wise, and on and on. You must have some point to bothering me. Im not a merchant and I dont contract myself out for work. Ive performed works for the Dain. There isnt much I havent done.

You say, 'what have you done?'

Erdarf Restil chuckles at you. 'If you want to impress me, and let me make certain you understand I doubt you can, then you can do what I never was able. For years I adventured and attempted to venture to the bottom of the Crystal Caverns in search of ancient artifacts from my people. Do that, show me that you have, and I will be impressed.'

If you give him the Sceptre of Coldain Ancients, a nodrop from Queen Dracnia in Crystal Caverns, he will give you back a Gem of Persuasion, which has no stats and is lore, no drop. Or, easier, go to Crystal Caverns and kill orcs. Lots of them. One will drop a bottle of Karsin's Acid. Give that to him.
Erdarf Restil turns his head long enough for you to slip the contens of the karsin bottle into his mug. As he drinks heavily his face quickly turns even more pale until he looks as if in pain. He rushes from the bar and as he does a trinket slips from his pocket.

Yes, another typo on Verant's part. Behold, in inventory, the Gem of Persuasion.

Give Vores the Harness and Gem and you get a Harness of Control.


Vores the Hunter says 'Hey! What ya got there? Well now, ain't that pretty! Ya know, this just might do it. You done what I never was able. I gotta give ya that much. I ain't much o' one for travelin' any more. My legs be old and my bones are weak. You take this harness and find a good big mother of a wurm ta test it on. Just focus in yer mind what yer wantin the wurm ta do. Heh, maybe have it clear out some pests, eh?

Turn in this harness to the Shardwurm Broodmother. She spawns deep in the Shardwurm caves every six hours. You have to invis to get in there. The Broodmother then walks out of the cave and heads to the giant fort. At the giant fort, two of the named giants inside the fort, Grakl Dwarfkiller and Fergul Frostsky, will walk from deep inside the fort to just outside. Grakl engages the Broodmother and Fergul runs away.


While the Broodmother fights Grakl, chase down Fergul and kill him and then loot Kromrif Military Leggings off his body. The Broodmother will kill Grakl, hopefully. She has a tendency to poof as she's close to death. You might want to cast SLN or a DS on her, or if you can, throw a nuke at Grakl.


This fight will be right near the giant fort so watch for adds and wolves.