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LoY quest: Signet of Grisk

Starts in West Freeport. Look for Taxonomist Darwin Grisk near the caster guilds.

Taxonomist Darwin Grisk says 'Have you come to [help]? If not, be gone! I will not have my time wasted.'

Tell him I have come to help.

Taxonomist Darwin Grisk says 'Recently rumors have surfaced that a new race, the Luggalds, walks the land. I suspect that some evil force is involved in their appearance. Are you [willing] to risk unknown dangers to help me find out?'

Say: I am willing

Taxonomist Darwin Grisk says 'Good. I have not been able to confirm the existence of these beings. I will need definite proof if the rest of the members of the Academy are to believe me. Take this Warded Satchel and retrieve three examples of Luggald Flesh.'

Collect three :uggald flesh from Luggalds in Dulak's Harbour. (at least a nightmare initiate and an archon of malevolence dropped some). Hand in the bag, don't forget to combine

Taxonomist Darwin Grisk says 'Very good. This will no doubt convince the others. However, we don't have time to wait for their consensus. Deep in the uncovered Crypt of Nadox the Luggalds seem to be at work. This can mean nothing good for the mortal world. You must provide further [aid].'

Say what aid?

Taxonomist Darwin Grisk says 'Travel to the Crypt of Nadox and slay as many of the Luggalds there as you can. This will slow their plans, but to truly damage their efforts I will need more information. Bring me three more samples of their fecund flesh so that I can compare them with the other examples. Combine them in this Warded Chest.'

Now you need to collect fecund flesh from Luggalds in Crypt of Nadox, again combine 3 flesh in box and hand back to Grisk. These are dropped from Luggald Abominations and Luggald Initiates. They are pretty hard to kill, around 10k HP, and single pulling is really hard.

Taxonomist Darwin Grisk says 'Alas, it all becomes clear! The Luggalds seek to spread their vile race. I had received word of a dark elf performing arcane rites on the shores of Toxxulia Forest. Now I know she must be attempting to summon other Luggalds. She is expecting an agent of the enemy. Talk with her. Then deal with her and any evil she creates.'

Find Assistant T'os at the beach in Toxxulia forest (approximate loc was 2200 1500 i believe)

Better have a group ready at this point. Hail her:

Assistant T`os says 'Hmm. You aren't familiar. . .no matter.All is ready. Perpare yourself. Who knows what may happen. . .'

She summons a giant skeleton, dark blue to 65, hits for over 400, summons and rampages. He can't be mezzed or charmed, but can be snared, rooted and slowed. Kill him and loot a Cursed Heart.

Return to Taxonomist Darwin Grisk and hail him:

Taxonomist Darwin Grisk says 'Thank the gods, you have returned safely! We had heard tell of your battle. Did you by chance find anything of informational value?'

Hand him the cursed heart:

Taxonomist Darwin Grisk says 'Well done. I can only imagine the evil you averted. Here. Take this a token of my personal thanks. May we all continue to benefit from your valor.'

Aura of Health is a regen, 1hp/tick.