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The Lost Map / Eyepatch of Plunder

Look for the lost pirate at the far north end of Iceclad. He is to the north of the gnome pirate camp, by the ocean. He will ask if you are lost. Say you are lost and he will reply and then say something about a lost map he made of Velious. You are supposed to go speak to Ami the buson, by the igloos, but skip that stuff.

Tell the Lost Pirate that Ami wants Chapter P. He will then tell you he remembers and wants to know if you are wanting to go find all the pieces. Ask 'what map?' then 'I will find the parts.' He will give you a lore, nodrop book that is a 4-slot container. You are to collect the pieces in the book, combine them and return it to the Lost Pirate.

The pieces of the map are lore and nodrop, and there's no MQing here.

1. Part one comes from a Dire Wolf Stalker, which spawns after you kill the dire wolves on the main continent of Iceclad Ocean. Kill kill kill all around the portal, near the bridge to EW, and everywhere in between. There tends to be a lot of wolves by the bridge.

2. The second piece is looted from Stormfeather in the Iceclad Ocean. Stormfeather is a monumental pain in the ass and the biggest bottleneck in the game. He's on a 19 hour spawn time and may skip a spawn, which turns into a 38 or 57 hour camp. His exact spawn spot is 5790, 708.

3. Kill Tizmaks in Great Divide until you have 4 nodrop chunks of meat. Hand 4 meat to Bloodmaw, a named kodiak, who is in the kodiak caves by the Velk zone. He will despawn after you give him the meat and then say "I want the map" to the gnome captive. He gives you piece 3 and despawns.

4. Part four is looted off Lodizal. He spawns every 13 hours and usually dies about 1 minute after spawning.

Put all four pieces in the book and combine it. Then give it back to the Lost Pirate. He will give you back a Completed Iceclad Map. Take this to Captain Nalot and he will reward you with the Eyepatch of Plunder, a superb face item with a triggered 20% haste that stacks with worn haste items and enchanter haste.