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The Coldain Insignia Ring

parts 1-8


Ring 1: Copper Coldain Insignia Ring (AC1, STR+1, MR+1)

It all starts with Garadain Glacierbane and will involve him for the first eight. He can be found in a hut at the Coldain camp just northeast of the Ry'Gorr fort at -2700, -400. Hail Garadain and he'll tell you he wants a blanket. You can either make the blanket yourself of have someone else do it and multiquest the ring later because the blanket is nodrop. Either way, the blanket is trivial with a tailoring skill of about 60. You need High Quality Tundra Kodiak Pelts (very rare drop off tundra kodiaks in Eastern Wastes), and two High Quality Cougarskins (more common drops, off snow cougars in the Eastern Wastes and Iceclad Ocean) in a large sewing kit. You can often buy the skins in the Bazaar. Give the blanket to Garadain for your first ring, the Copper Coldain Insignia Ring.

Ring 2: Silver Coldain Insignia Ring (AC2, STR+2, MR+2)

Right after receiving your Copper Ring, say "How assistance?" to Garadain. He will give you an axe and instructions to find his nephew Boridain Glacierbane, who has aims at greatness. He can be found on a hill just west of Garadain's hut at -2450, +1550. If he's not up you may end up waiting up to five hours. You have to escort Boridain around the zone in search of a rabid kodiak and make sure the fool doesn't die. He's only around level 22 so he'll die pretty easy. What you have to do is clear away the static mobs where he's going to go before giving him the axe.

First, kill the giants at the front of the giant fort at -1770, +2920 plus the Captain, who will stroll out to the entrance regularly, the static giant and orc in the jail at -30, +300, and the orcs outside the orc fort at -3500, +400. To get started, give Boridain the axe and he'll be on his way. He walks slowly and you can't SoW him or anything, nor can you buff or heal him. If you get roamers, deal with them fast. He'll assist you, but a good tank plus an enchanter should be able to deal with it.

Boridain first heads west to the giant fort at -1770, +2920. He stops right at the entrance, then starts immediately heading northeast to the jail. Along the way he'll stop and sit. Use this as a chance to heal and med, but keep an eye out for roamers. After he finishes the trip to the jail he then heads south to the orc fort but stops for another break along the way (some great warrior this little idiot will be). When he arrives at the orc fort, he will turn around and go back to his starting spot and moan about never being a warrior. The Rabid Kodiak will spawn behind him. Grab it quick and kill it. Loot the pelt and give it to Boridain, since he's scheduled to despawn.

Boridain will give you a broken axe, which you give to Garadain along with the Copper Coldain Insignia Ring for the Silver Coldain Insignia Ring. If you had someone else do the blanket and they have the ring, have that person hand in the ring and THEN you give Garadain the broken axe. Now you will have the Silver ring.

Ring 3: Gold Coldain Insignia Ring (AC3, STR+3, MR+3)

You need smithing skill for this one. You need a skinning rock, which is found on the ground around the middle of EW and is nodrop, plus a High Quality Walrus Hide from a walrus, which you can get at the far north shore in the Ulthork area, and rhino horn from a wooly rhino. The three are then combined in a forge and is trivial at about 65. The knife isn't nodrop, so someone else can make it for you. Give the knife and your Silver ring to Garadain for the Gold Coldain Insignia Ring. 

Ring 4: Platinum Coldain Insignia Ring (AC4, STR+4, MR+4)

This is tricky but can be done with just a few people if you are smart and have a level 60 druid. Wait for Tain Hammerfrost to spawn just west of the Iceclad bridge. He'll be lying on the ground and is on a two hour respawn timer. When you find Tain, say "I will help" to trigger the quest. As soon as you do this, four giants will spawn over the hill to the east and come running like all hell for Tain. Now you can either take a group or two and kill all four or do it the easier but more time-consuming way.

Have a helper, like a level 60 druid, snare or otherwise pull the named, Ghrek Squatnot, from the bunch, and lead him away to be killed. I pulled him to my rogue and the rogue not only killed him but pickpocketed the item I needed him to drop. When he dies, loot a vial.

If Tain is still alive, quickly give him the vial to receive the Coldain Smithing Hammer. If Tain is dead, wait for him to respawn, trigger the quest again with "I will help" and give him the vial quickly. He'll despawn, as will the giants. Give the Coldain Smithing Hammer and the Gold Coldain Insignia Ring to Garadain for your Platinum Coldain Insignia Ring.

Ring 5: Obsidian Coldain Insignia Ring (AC5, STR+5, MR+5)

Again you can do this with a level 60 druid quiet easily. First, you'll need Ry`Gorr Invasion Plans. They drop every time for a Ry`Gorr Messenger, who spawns just to the south of the northern Ulthork hunting area and runs straight south to the Ry'Gorr fort. He's an easy kill.. The plans are droppable, so you may find them for sale in the Bazaar.

When you are ready, position your people to the north and east of the Ry'Gorr fort. It looks like a low spot or depression in the ground. You want to be far from where the Ry'Gorr will spawn. Don't bother with Harmony, you won't have time. When everyone is ready, hand in the plans to a Coldain Lookout, who is on the edge of the Coldain camp. Eight orcs, mostly shaman and very high level, will spawn just west of Garadain's camp. Among them is a shadow knight named Scarbrow Ga`Hruk. When they spawn they stand motionless for a good ten seconds. This is where the druid snare pulls Scarbrow, and only he will come from the rest. The others will attack Garadain's camp and wipe it out, then despawn.

Scarbrow will harm touch for around 400. When he is dead, loot his head. He may also drop a Frozen Orb, a pretty nice range item for casters. It's not needed for quests, just an extra treat. When Garadain respawns, give him Scarbrow's head and your Platinum Coldain Insignia Ring for the Obsidian Coldain Insignia Ring.

Ring 6: Mithril Coldain Insignia Ring (AC6, STR+6, MR+6)

Again you can do this with just a 60 druid. You have to camp the Coldain traitor named Rodrick Tardok. Rodrick spawns in the little tower that serves as a zone out of Crystal Caverns, just to one side of the front of the Ry'Gorr fort. He isn't on a timer but is triggered when the rare Ry`Gorr Emissary walks up to the tower. This is a real pain because there's no set timer. Be careful not to agro the emissary, and wait for Rodrick to spawn. 

When Rodrick has spawned, go ahead and kill him. He's pretty low level but can't be snared even when tashed. However, he is susceptible to fire. When dead he drops his head and a no drop "Dirk of the Traitor". You want BOTH of these. The Dirk is for the ninth quest. You can use it, but don't. It procs a stun that will stun you.

Now, assemble at the Ry'Gorr hut just to the north of the ice bridge. At around 10 pm, start killing everything in the hut. If lower level players are exp-ing there, tell them you are doing a quest and ask their indulgence to step aside for a few minutes, for their own good. After clearing the hut, run to the southwest corner of EW to the two empty Coldain huts at -8100, +3230, near the Kael zone, with a named dire wolf called Icefang. Take the druid with you and have the druid load Succor.

If it's past midnight you should also find a dwarf ghost outside of Icefang's hut named Korrigain. When you are ready, give your Obsidian Ring to Korrigain. He will give it back and it spawns a script to make Icefang walk out, stop a moment, then run off to the hut . Rather than run back, and agro all sorts of trash, have the druid succor. You will pop up just to the south of the ice bridge. Run north to the hut. You'll have to wait almost 5 minutes as it takes Icefang time to run across the zone.

Several mystics of Ry'Gorr will pop along with a a named level 40 shaman called Poxbreath Yellowfang. He spawns inside the hut. Have the druid snare pull Poxbreath out single. Icefang will arrive, fight the three orcs outside and die. Don't worry about it. Kill Poxbreath, and this is not easy as he is a shaman, then loot the note he drops. Return to Garadain and give him Rodrick's head, the note from Poxbreath, and your Obsidian Coldain Insignia Ring to receive the Mithril Coldain Insignia Ring.

Ring 7: Adamantium Coldain Insignia Ring (AC7, STR+7, MR+7)

This quest has a really easy way to cheat, with either an FD person or an enchanter. First, you need to kill Warden Bruke in the on the north shore of EW, where the ulthork spawn. Bruke is tough and totally MR. Kill his placeholder, a Kromrif Prison Guard, until he spawns. Once he spawns, move to the right side of the building (facing north) and pull him. When he is attacked, two guards will spawn in front of his building. So if you pull from the side and run south, you will avoid the guards.

Once the Warden is dead, loot the no drop Shackle Key. The femur is pointless. Once you have the Shackle Key, go back to where Bruke spawns and look for a building in the middle of that depression. You want to locate Corbin Blackwell, who is surrounded by five mobs, two Kromriff Prison Guards and three Interrogator's of Ry'Gorr. Once cleared, you have to give Corbin the shackle key and your Mithril ring.

He will get up and start walking to Dobbin Crossaxe, who has a hut well to the east of the jail at -570, -3190. This hut is north of the Ry'Gorr hut where ring six takes place. He walks slow, just like Boradain. Run your other characters to Dobbin's hut and park them there, and have an enchanter or monk escort him. I saw him walk right by a walrus and Ulthork Hunter and they didn't agro on him. When he says "Almost there, just a little but farther now," be ready. When he says "Uh oh, looks like they were tipped off. I hope you can handle them," or something like that, four giants, including a named (Commander Bahreck) plus four Ry'Gorr will spawn to the south and run at you.

IMMEDIATELY whack him and run straight north. The eight mobs will go to where he was and stand around stupidly before wandering off through the zone. Train him straight north to the shore, then east to the huts. The best part is, even if he chases you to the huts the other Coldain won't join in to help him. Get him as close to Dobbin's hut as you can and have the monk FD or the chanter mez with Glamor of Kintaz, and then hit a mem blurr. For good measure, camp out the chanter and bring him back. Now, he may stand around for a good minute or two, but then he will compliment you on your bravery and walk into Dobbin's hut. There's a brief exchange and Dobbin will ask for your ring. Give it to him, and he will give you a letter. You take this back to Garadain for the Adamantium Coldain Insignia Ring.

Ring 8: Velium Coldain Insignia Ring (AC8, STR+8, MR+8, Effect: Shield of the Eighth)

This ring is not fun, because if you blow you, you start over. First, you need Gloradin Coldheart, who spawns in a hut next to Garadain's. She is on a 24 hour timer and may be killed by Scarbrow, from a faction hunter, or if someone else does the 8th ring. When she's up, get some friends. A druid and enchanter are sufficient, to be honest. Get buffed up in advance.

Say to Garadain 'I am ready.' He will ask for your ring. You give it to him and he gives you a letter. Give it to Gloradin, then have your druid invis the group and run like hell to Ry'Gorr fort. Move to your right as you enter until you are positioned halfway between the Crystal Caverns zone and the fort entrance. You should be able to see both. It would have you on the far side of the fort. In time, an army of giants and orcs will spawn outside the fort. Inside will be 3 orcs and 2 giants. Have the druid snare pull Chief Ry'Gorr. The melee then steps forward and smacks him while the enchanter slows and druid DoTs. This Chief Ry'Gorr is a lot nastier than the regular Chief who spawns in the fort. Anyway, kill him and loot his head, and whatever else he may drop. If you've got the firepower, you can also kill Firbrand the Black for his drops.

Invis and run back out of the fort and over the hill. On the hill should be an army of Coldain preparing for the war. If they're not there yet, wait a minute and they will run up and stop there. A minute after the Coldain army arrives, Garadain will walk up to the army and stops to give them a pep talk. There's a huge lag in between statements, which makes things boring after the rush of killing Ry'Gorr. After his yapping he shouts, 'CHARGE!'

As soon as he does this, give Garadain the Chief's head to receive your Velium Coldain Insignia Ring. You can give him the head any time, but if you wait for the charge order, you get to watch the war between the Coldain and the orcs/giants. You gotta be on the ball. If Garadain dies, all is lost and you must start over. You can't wait for him to respawn and hand in the head, that Garadain won't accept it.