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Fourth Shawl Quest

After you finish the third quest, Ask Loremaster Borannin 'what is brewing?'

Loremaster Borannin says 'Ahh yes, good to see you again Galiana . I wish it were under better circumstances that we meet today. For some time now we have sent teams of our finest rogues to gather intelligence for the Dain. Tanik Greskil is one of our best. He was recently sent into the heart of Kael Drakkel on a very important mission and has not returned. He is now long overdue, and fearing the worst, our wise council has asked me to dispatch a rescue party to determine what has become of him and return him to safety. I have decided to give you this opportunity to build upon the trust you have earned from the council. Will you accept this mission?

You say, 'i will accept this mission'

Loremaster Borannin says 'The council will be pleased to hear of your acceptance, Galiana . Scour the regions surrounding the city of the Giants. Discover what happened to Tanik and, if possible, return him to Thurgadin. If you are successful, remember to hand me your woven shawl. We seem to be running low on them, but I must say Mordin has never had so much help in the kitchen. Anyway, I will eagerly await word of your findings. Good luck, and may Brell protect you.

Save your hunt for this guy until the end. First thing's first, pottery skill. This is easily done in NFP. You will need lots of empty bags because the clay you use does not stack. Using the trivial list on EQ Traders, I mass produced Ceramic Linings, Pots, and Pie Tins, which got me to 115 in about an hour. The success rate is quite high and the equipment is very cheap.

Now, go to the merchant right outside the great hall, across from the Paladin guild, and Frundle Frenkler. Then say 'what velium vapors.'

Frundle Frenkler says 'Ahh, you come seeking my family recipe? After all you've done for our people it's the least I can do. First you must fashion a velium vial, then combine the vial with two small pieces of velium in this jar. That's all there is to it. Please keep the recipe a secret.'

You say, 'what velium vial?'

Frundle Frenkler says 'I'm no potter mind you, but if I remember correctly it's a small brick of velium, three crystalline silks, and two glass shards. Then you'll have to finish up by firing it in a kiln with a high quality firing sheet.'

Small piece of velium and small block of velium can be looted on Ry’Gorr Miners in Crystal Caverns

Crystalline Silk can be found on spiders in the same zone, but they are deep in CC. You can also go to Velks Lab and hunt spiders right at the zone. They also drop the velium and silks.

1) Combine a small (7 lb) brick of velium, three unstacked crystalline silks and two glass shards in a pottery wheel. You will receive an Unfired Velium Vial.

2) Combine the Unfired Velium Vial and a HQ firing sheet in the kiln and receive a Veluim Vial (yes they misspelled it).

3) Combine the Veluim Vial and two unstacked small pieces of Velium in the Velium purifier. The Velium Purifier disappears and you are left with a Vial of Velium Vapors. The vial has one charge of gate to Thurgadin. I don't know if it can be used for that.

The vial is trivial at skill 130.

Now it's time to look for Tanik. You have to wander around the top of the ramp area to Kael in the Eastern Wastes. Other walkthrus say to look near -6644, 4337,but he can be anywhere and on either side. The best way to do this is conjure a pet (or charm a walrus) and move around the north and south areas of the Kael ramp, repeatedly parking the pet with /pet guard here. The pet will turn and look toward the closest spawn spot. Follow the direction he faces.

More than once, probably, you will get the message "You have been ambushed by Frost Giants" and two to four Kromrif Death Squad giants will jump you. Run like hell to the Kael zone. Some times they follow you to the zone, other times, they don't go and you can just wait near the zone for them to despawn.

Keep moving the pet around the ramp, both north and south, using the /pet guard here command and move over the spawn spot he's indicating. I spawned Tanik very far from the -6644, 4337 spot people say to look and would never have found him without the pet. You know you found him when you see a message that says "the snow crumbles away revealing an injured coldain."

You say, 'hail Tanik Greskil'

Tanik Greskil says 'Outlander! Thank Brell you've found me! I am the last surviving member of my unit. Our mission was somehow compromised, the bloody Kromrif knew just where to find us... I can't imagine how they knew. I was barely able to escape with my life and wandered into a trap here. I am badly hurt and need your help.

You say, 'i will help'

Tanik Greskil says 'Quickly, give me a vial of Veluim Vapors so I can return home, I am in desperate need of some attention from our clerics.

You say, 'what is velium vapors'

Tanik Greskil says 'Drat! Are you telling me you don't have one with you? Run back to Thurgadin at once and speak with Frundle, she can make you one. I will do what I can to stay alive. I may need to move about a bit to keep from being discovered. Hurry now outlander, you're my only hope.

When you realize how hard it is to get him to spawn you'll see why I said do it once. Give him the Velium Vapors.

Tanik Greskil says 'Thank you, Galiana . I shall be eternally grateful to you. Should you ever require my assistance I pledge to you my aid. Please deliver this to Borannin, it is imperative that he deliver this to the Dain at once. Farewell for now outlander...'

Your faction standing with Coldain got better
Your faction standing with DainFrostreaverIV got better
Your faction standing with Kromzek got worse
Your faction standing with Kromrif got worse
You gain experience!!

Then head back to Thurgadin and hand Boradinn the note and your old shawl, for the new shawl.

Loremaster Borannin says 'Words cannot express our gratitude for your deeds outlander, you have saved a hero of our people from certain death. Please accept this, the Fur-lined shawl, as a token of our sincere appreciation. You are indeed among the most highly regarded Humans to set foot in Thurgadin. The next time we meet be sure to ask me how to further advance your reputation with the coldain.

Your faction standing with Coldain got better
Your faction standing with DainFrostreaverIV got better
Your faction standing with Kromzek got worse
Your faction standing with Kromrif got worse
You gain experience!!

Reward: Fur Lined Coldain Prayer Shawl

AC 4, wis +4, int +4, sv cold +4

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