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Third Shawl Quest

Now it gets a lot harder. Prepare to travel a lot. You might want to knock off all of the travel and baking skill in advance. You can get your baking to 135 for about 20 plat.

Go to the bank and put away everything you have except for one bag with your own food. Put this at the top of the inventory slot, so you eat your food from that bag. Then fill it with empty sacks so you have plenty of room. Leave one free slot, and make sure to bring your Cloth prayer shawl.

Go to EC and buy a ton of bat wings, then head back to Thurg. Buy several stacks of frosting from the baking supplier in Thurg, who's in the bank. Combine one wing and one frosting in the oven and make Batwing Crunchies to 46, where they become trivial. Then cruise to Rivervale and go to the Dock Merchant. He sells fish. Buy a few tons of them.

At the oven, combine a bat wing and a fish. This makes Fish Rolls. Make them all to 135. You'll fail a lot but the wings and fish are dirt cheap. Once you get to 135, and have a ton of fish rolls, pop over to Erudin and get a mixing bowl at Blue Hawks.

Next, in Freeport, the best place for pottery and smithing supplies, make a pot and a pie tin. Thank God I learned smithing earlier on in my career to make money selling banded in GFay.

The pot requires metal bits, a pot mold, a standing legs mold and a flask of water, and is trivial at 122. The pie tin requires metal bits, a pie tin mold, a ceramic lining and a flask of water. It is trivial at 115. Both items are droppable, so if you don't have the smithing skill, ask someone who does to make them for you.

The ceramic lining requires small block of clay, ceramic lining sketch, a flask of water and a quality firing sheet. Put the clay, sketch and water in a pottery wheel and combine, and if that's successful, put the unfired lining and quality firing sheet in a kiln and combine. This should be trivial at 36.

Now that you have a baking skill of 135, the pot and pie tin, it's time to go food shopping. At one point you will need a clump of dough. That's made with 1 Snake Egg, 1 Bottle of Milk and 1 Cup of Flour. Mix them in the mixing bowl. I did this in Qeynos because there's so many snakes out front and the baking supply shop, in SQ, had the flour and milk right there.

Next, head to EW. You need:

Ulthork meat should be easy to get. People kill them all the time for the tusks and leave the corpses with whiskers, meat, and runes. Just look for some corpses.

The Tundra Kodiak was easy, but I was amazed how hard it was to get that snow bunny meat. I had to kill two dozen to get the meat.

The Snow Griffins are by far the biggest nightmare. The are super fast and cast druid spells, including root. Thankfully, they are animals. So pull with snare from as far as possible, hit a DoT as it approaches, then hit Panic Animal. It will flee, and you can throw more DoTs on it, or if you have friends with you, they can also abuse it while it runs. The eggs are an uncommon drop, maybe one in four.

NOTE: A lot of these items are foods in and of themselves and you might inadvertently eat them. Put them in a backpack at the bottom of your inventory with a pack full of regular food at the top of the pack lists, in slot 1. That way you eat your food, not your ingredients.

Now head back to Thurgadin, back to Borannin. You say, 'what chore?'

Loremaster Borannin says 'The council agrees that you have demonstrated a disdain for our enemy, the Kromrif, that rivals our own. They now ask that you demonstrate your loyalty to the Dain by humbling yourself and serving our people. Give this, my seal, to Mordrin. He will instruct you further.

Borannin tells you to go to Mordrin, but that is a typo, he really means Mordin, the guy in the butcher shop.

Give Mordin Borannin's seal.

Mordin Frostcleaver says 'Hullo Galiana , I see you've signed on for a bit of food service eh? Well we can always use an extra pair a hands here dat's fer sure. First things first, warsh yer grubby mitts an cook up dinner fer good ol Leif. Shouldn be too tough fer ye, he has simple enough taste. Make him a Tundrabear sandwich an lemme know when he's been fed. Dontcha ferget ta give him this with his meal.

He gives you "Leif's Napkin," which is NODROP.

You say, 'What is a Tundrabear Sandwich?'

Mordin Frostcleaver says 'Dat's easy, ye just take a slab a dat Tundra Kodiak meat and a jug a sauce, put it in da oven, den combine the product with a loaf a bread in a mixin bowl an there ye be.

The sauce is sold by a merchant in the Thurgadin bank. Put the Tundra Kodiak meat in oven with the sauce and make "Saucy Kodiak Meat." Then put the Saucy meat in a mixing bowl with one loaf of bread, which Mordin sells, and combine. You'll get the sandwich. Turn this in to Guard Leif in front of the Paladin guild along with the napkin and get a "Used Napkin" back. It is also No Drop.

Give the used napkin to Mordin and get the next part of the quest. He needs you to make some Snow Bunny Stew for Trita Coldheart. You get "Trita's Napkin" (NODROP).

You say, 'What is Snow Bunny Stew'

Mordin Frostcleaver says 'Simple enuff, getcherself two hunksa Bunny meat and a jug a sauces. Stir 'em in a mixin bowl, then put spices and two flasks a water with it and cook it in a pot. Mmmm, zesty!

Do as he says. Spices are also sold in Thurg. Tritia is in a house on a side road that leads off from the path going from the bank to the grand hall. Give the stew to Trita with the Napkin and received a dirty pot in return. Give that back to Mordin and was given the next part of the quest.

Next you need to create an Ulthork Meat Pie for Brita. You receive Brita's napkin, NODROP.

You say, 'What is Ulthork Meat Pie?'

Mordin Frostcleaver says 'Hmm, lemme look that one up. Been awhile since I made one. Here we are, two Ulthork meats, a vinegar and a spices in a mixin bowl. Put yer meat mix, a clump a dough, an a pie tin in da oven an yer good ta go.

Vinegar and spices are sold in Thurg at the same place. Turn the pie and the napkin in to Loremaster Brita in the back of the Library and receive a dirty pie tin and dirty napkin, which you take back to Mordin for the final step in this quest.

The final task is to create a Snow Griffin Souffle. The person you are making this for is none other than the Grand Historian Thoridain himself.

You say, 'What is Snow Griffin Souffle?'

Mordin Frostcleaver says 'This one's a bit tricky, ya toss four snow griffin eggs and a pack of spices in de oven. Ye must bake it just right or it's all gunna be wasted. When yer done bring it to Thoridain and if ye did it right he'll give ye his special seal. Just show Borannin that seal and yer shawl and he'll know that yer finished in the kitchen.

This is trivial at 135. Once you've made the souffle turn it in to Grand Historian Thoridain with the Napkin. Grand Historian Thoridain says 'My compliments, Galiana , what a wonderful dish! Please accept my personal Seal as a token of my appreciation. May it give you power over your adversaries.

Your faction standing with Coldain got better
Your faction standing with DainFrostreaverIV got better
Your faction standing with Kromzek got worse
Your faction standing with Kromrif got worse
You gain experience!!

He gives you his Seal, which you give to Borannin along with your second Prayer Shawl. You get back your third shawl, plus the seal, which goes in the range slot.

Loremaster Borannin says 'Well done Galiana, the council will be impressed with your effort. Here is the woven prayer shawl, wear it with pride. I know there is talk of great plans for you, be sure to come back and ask me what the council has [brewing].

Your faction standing with Coldain got better
Your faction standing with DainFrostreaverIV got better
Your faction standing with Kromzek got worse
Your faction standing with Kromrif got worse
You gain experience!!

Reward: Woven Coldain Prayer Shawl

AC 3, wis +3, int +3, sv cold +3

Reward: Seal of Thoridain

3 AC, wis +3, int +3 Sv Magic +3, Sv Cold +3, Mana +30

[Fourth Shawl]