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Talisman of Benevolence

Minimum level: 55

Solo? No way

You need a solid group of 55+ for this. It starts in Skyshrine.

You say, 'Hail Commander Leuz'

Commander Leuz says 'Hello Galiana, I'm the new commander of the Skyshrine Militia. This group of Shrine residents and newly aligned outlanders are given various tasks to do for the benefit of the Shrine. Are you here to request a task?

You say, 'I am here to request a task.'

Commander Leuz says 'We have had recent news from one of our scouts in Western Wastes that there have been Storm Giants wandering the coastal area. We have not heard back from this scout in some time. What we need is a volunteer to go deliver some tools so the scout can accurately communicate what is happening back to us.

You say, 'I will volunteer'

Commander Leuz says 'Very good! Take this to the scout and wait for them to return the report.

You get a backpack item, which means you need a free slot. In Weastern Wastes there is a Scout Charisa that stands on a hill near the Sirens grotto zone in Western Wastes. She is on CoV faction. Hand her the toolset.

Scout Charisa says' Great! I was wondering when they would send someone out to give me these. In my haste and excitement of this new assignment I forgot these. This scout business is great I must say. It sure beats setting in Southern Ro studying the ruins. I've been following these Storm Giants for days. They've been wandering up and down the coast looking for something.

Faction: CoV got better, Yelinak got better, Krozmek got worse.

This will spawn 8 giants near the shoreline back over a hill near the SG zone cave. 7 soldiers and 1 Kromzek Captain. Pull the captain away and kill him. Be careful for roaming dragons/wyverns. Believe it or not, they will help the Captain. So keep your eyes open and move your group if you have to. The Captain can't be snared. He drops a Broken Disk.

Return to Scout Charisa and hand her the disk. You'll get another faction hit, same as before, plus a Scout's note and a robe, Robe of Benevolence. Now return the report to Commander Leuz.

Commander Leuz says' Well this artifact will definitely need study. Thank you for this report. Perhaps after we have researched this object more we will have more for you to search for.'

If you go back to Charisa and give her the robe, you will get a Bracer of Benevolence. Then if you turn that in to Leuz, you will get a Talsiman of Benevolence.