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November 24 - Plane of Hate smackdown!

I spent the weekend on a Plane of Hate raid with ORQ, Organized Raiders of Quellious. It's a collection of raiders, not tied to any one guild. I was really looking forward to it because I've been hoping to get Harmony armor for Galiana. Not that it's uber, it's not. It's comparable to Thurgadin armor, stats-wise. But it's super rare and would give me a unique look. When I got there, I found the level 60 chanter who said he'd come didn't, so guess who dual boxed? Ah well.

The first night was kinda slow, mostly first floor killing. Clerics and warriors and shaman got some armor, as expected. The Maestro went down, as did two Hands. We called it a night at 1 am PST and the plan was to resume at 8 am PST. Now, I haven't gotten up at 7:30 on a Saturday in ages, but kept thinking, Harmony, Harmony. Log on and the place is a ghost town. Innoruuk and the mini bosses are gone. There's maybe 40 mobs on track. WTF? We thought some uber guild came in while we were asleep and really hosed us.

However, there was a patch that night and it fouled the plane. We petitioned but GMs were nowhere to be seen. Sony's policy of letting GMs float between servers is just plain idiotic. After an almost four hour wait, the raid was called until later in the day, and boy was I grumpy. I'd been expecting company that evening and wouldn't be able to play So I went to see the Harry Potter movie (big letdown) to cool off and came home. My friend no-showed, so I could play. Our prayers were answered. The GM totally repopped the zone. Every miniboss was up along with Inny. It was time to own.

Well, at least Inny is teaching his minions some manners.

Kat, you potty-mouth. :)

We had a total of three shattered emeralds drop, which meant some very happy rangers. Get this: when the Lord of Loathing dropped his, we had four rangers roll for it. Look what happened.

According to the retired Arkinia, the odds on that happening are 1 in 8 million. He's an engineering major so I'll assume he knows how to do math.

The Insidious robe went to Craakk, the lowest level chanter on the raid. Melisan and Norlin both had the robe already. So I lined up all three chanters for a great shot of their matching robes.

Galiana was skunked. Not one piece of armor dropped on the second floor despite two days of killing. And then there was this indignity.

Finally, at 1 am, we went after Inny. Now I was a bit concerned, because I've been with groups like ORQ before, like Xegony Alliance. They tend to not be as solid or as cohesive as a guild, which raids together daily. Guilds are closer, tighter units than these types of raids. Some cocky Lotus Cult friends were saying one group could do Inny, and in my warrior friend's defense, he's right when he says he exps on mobs in PoV that hit harder than Inny. Getting grav-fluxed across the room was an interesting experience. But we got him. All of Galiana's DoTs stuck. With his constant dispelling, Melisan was re-hasting tanks non-stop.

Inny Fight 1

Inny Fight 2

Inny Fight 3

Dead Innoruuk


His drops were pretty nice, too, but what's with all the race-specific crap? I wanted that pendant.


Eye of Innoruuk

Bloodstar Pendant

Triumphant Mask

Hotof's Bracer

Brewer's Mesh Cloak

Shattered Emerald of Corruption


All in all, a great raid. Next one I hope to leave Melisan home (dual boxing on a raid is a real drain) and walk out looking like the druid on the left of this shot. My thanks to Tenebrosity of Fallen Eagles and Juror of Healers United for running a great raid.


As a result of this raid, my Plane of Hate guide has been updated. :)



November 22 - Skyshrine exploration

Skyshrine has been redone, mostly just to move mobs around and add a bunch. But it doesn't appear to be finished. I mean, how else do you explain this:

Doesn't look like a drake to me. Notice the perspective. Galiana was looking UP at him. Anyway, the armor quest mobs were moved down quite a way, but they are easy to miss. Go through the maze like you always do, and when you come out and click on the globe, you pop into a hallway. On your left will be a door. Click on it and they are all inside.

One thing I've noticed is there are a LOT more mobs in Skyshrine, particularly the courtyard area where you first zone in from Cobalt Scar. This should make pulling tougher, which is undoubtedly the idea. Also, you don't need a key to zone into Cobalt Scar any more. Just jump on the platform in the water and click on it and you will pop in CS, right on the ramp that leads to SS.

I am Mork from Ork. Nanu nanu!

Today's silly name.

November 21 - Back in action

It's sure been a while. As you can tell by the new address and banner, there's been a shift in direction. I've sorta put the druid on the back burner as I play an enchanter, which has proven a ton of fun lately. So I decided to make this a non-class-specific site and just document my adventures, regardless of the character I play. So I will be making the site less druid-specific.

First up: three quadding guides are done. They are listed under a new menu item on the left, High-end Quadding, plus I'll list them here: Othmir hunting guide, Toiler hunting guide, and Raptor hunting guide. That should keep druids busy. I've also updated the Kael guide.

Now I've noticed that PoP has essentially killed the old world zones and with good reason. The experience is insane. With Melisan in a group, I get 1% AAXP per kill, and that's in a group of six. Nothing in the old zones even comes close. My favorite spot is the Plane of Disease, mostly because I can't pass the farking trials to get into Valor and other zones.

I've drawn up a crude map in Photoshop, since EQAtlas and the other sites haven't made one yet. Basically it's a symmetrical zone with a big green river. You can safely zone in to the zone from PoT, right at the graveyard, and shout LFG. Nothing roams near the zone in unless some fool trains it. I'm not sure where the Puslings are, but they are a regular camp. The spiders are in the southern area. Look on the map and you'll see Spider Cave marked. That whole area has loads of spiders and usually supports three or four groups of people.

The courtyards are the most popular, with LCY the most in-demand camp in the game. The Diseased Underbulks are vicious muthas, hitting for 350. You absolutely need a shaman or chanter to keep the tanks alive in this zone, and having watched a druid try and fail to be the sole healer, a cleric is also a must. RCY isn't too shabby either, although it has pathing issues. Some times a third group will camp here at the entrance. There's only one way in, through a wall of bone, and they can draw from bugs on both sides.

I've been on Plane of Nightmare. Exp isn't quite as good but it's really a striking zone. It's in permanent twilight and the monsters look amazing.

Now, for some more screens:

A high elf rogue? Cool

Love this cleric's name

This bunch came in while doing the Kael plate cycle.


More HoT silliness



October 19 - Been busy

Doesn't Venerable mean old? I don't feel it.

Been something of a slowpoke lately because I've been playing an enchanter and enjoying it a great deal. AE groups are the best way to exp. Pull 40, 50 mobs and blam. But that doesn't mean I'm abandoning the druid or my work here. The Plane of Hate guide has been upgraded and I've added a Kael guide. Both are in Other Stuff on the menu, or you can click on the links in the previous sentence. I'm also working on quad kiting guides for the TD raptors, CS otters and ME toilers.